Foreign Update


The International Western Union
Unity And Equality

[table=3,International Western Union]Government
President: Norvona
Vice-President: Cekan
Justices: Neo-Assyrian Empire, Gatito, Greater New Poland
Recruitment Sec.: The Sotoan Union
Regional Chairman: Kialga[c]


Founder: Kialga
World Assembly Delegate: Amerisamika​

International Western Union Regional Council
Lacertus fidelitas
The Sotoan Union
Neo-Assyrian Empire

Election Results
Earlier in April, the IWU held a fresh round of elections to fill government positions. Incumbents Neo-Assyrian Empire, Gatitio, and Kialga withheld their positions in the government, while a majority of the government was filled with fresh faces. The dominating political parties, the Regionalists and the Social Democrats, were able to make a foothold in the government. The SDP took a majority in the executive government, taking both the Presidency and the Vice Presidency and two-thirds of the Justice seats, as well as the Delegacy. The Regionalists took a smaller approach, and hold the majority control in the IWU Regional Council.

Newly elected President, Norvona, took initiative after being elected. As a first act as President, Norvona placed a bill into the Regional Council that would increase recruitment efforts to restore the IWU population. The effort, sadly, has taken a backseat, and not much has been heard of it since the initial proposal.

A New Face for the IWU?
In accordance with the will of several IWU citizens, the IWU may be receiving a new flag. Four fresh new entries were offered to the IWU, along with the current flag, to be voted upon by the population. The five choices will be shown below. Through the private poll, fourteen votes have been cast thus far. The third and fourth options lead the vote with 36% of the votes. Options one and two follow with 14% each. The current flag, option five, lags behind with no votes cast thus far.


It (the crown) is about the many sister regions that have spawned from the IWU. They may have grown themselves, but ultimately the IWU is King.
Some sister regions have Nordic cross style flags. They have an emblem where the cross meets, which is to the left of the flag. This flag has its cross in the center, where its emblem is. That is because the IWU is the original region. Having the emblem in the center represents the IWU's importance, compared to the flags of the other regions.
The Scales of Justice appears on the other region's flags, and in the current flag. I thought it was an important symbol to the IWU.
This is my design for a flag of the International Western Union. The Golden Eagle represents democracy and justice. In its left talons are arrows, signifying the great defensive measures that the International Western Union has made over the last couple of years with S.P.E.A.R. And in the right talon is a lightning bolt, showing our ability to quickly take out any sort of threat to the region's stability. And in the back, there is a tricolor flag with Blue, Grey, and Black. The blue signifies loyalty to our sister regions and regions in which the IWU has an embassy in. The grey shows the region's willingness to improve, and the black represents our defensive capabilities along with the region's discipline.
The current flag of the IWU was designed back in 2012. The globe, centered at top, represents the ideal that a better ecologic lookout today would lead to a healthier future. The scales on the the right, symbolize the balance and justice the region will withhold. No nation should be denied anything based simply on who they are. The sword and wreath located at the bottom symbolize that, while the region remains peaceful and neutral, there is no lack of resources that will keep the region from falling to outside forces. Finally, the book, pencil, and ruler on the left symbolize a constant thirst for knowledge and the betterment of ourselves.

Rumors of a Merger
On Sunday, July 20th, INU Founder Zwotstyg (GROSS Independency) opened discussion with his region, the International Northern Union. Zwotstyg has grown weary of the pressures required being a founder, in addition to running recruitment and many government activities in his region. He approached myself, Kialga, with the possibility of having the IWU merge with the INU. Zwotstyg feels that a merger would benefit both regions, increasing both activity and size. The INU is a daughter region of the IWU, founded alongside the International Southern Union and the International Arctic Union. The INU has voted upon the issue and has decided that either a refounding or a merger would be the best option for that region.

Kialga has opened the discussion within the IWU on, should the INU offer a merger, would the IWU be willing to participate and join together in a new region. Currently, a majority of the IWU voters would be willing to join with the INU into a new region. Once discussion was opened, there were mixed opinions to the approach. One against felt that the IWU, being smaller in size, wouldn't be treated equally. Zwotstyg, via GROSS Independecy, attempted to iron out all the differences in an effort to convince the region a merger would be good. According to Zwotstyg, a founder would be chosen from excelling candidates from both regions, including IWU Founder, Kialga, and INU Delegate, Xin Prussia.

It is unknown what will happen to the two previous regions, though, Kialga plans to lock the IWU and keep a puppet within it so as to not lose the region, which is almost two years old and holds a majority of his work on NationStates.


Hmm! Thanks for the update and it is nice to hear from you Kialga.

A merger is not without risks or consequences.. Not all nations will move when you ask them to. I'm sure you will consider all options though and best of luck with it all!