British Isles Mini Update: Line of Succession Changes


British Isles Mini Update

His Majesty King John II made a surprising announcement earlier today. In a speech from Buckingham Palace, the king removed Prince Aldrich as Prince of Wales and lowered him from the Line of Succession, giving him the honourary title Prince Royal. In his place, the king appointed ZRH William of Gloucester who will be invested on the 4th of July, and adopted Lord Chief Justice Daniel into the House of Norfolk.


This announcement came as a surprise to many, but not to all. Prince Aldrich has suffered from inactivity due to family and health issues for some time, and despite some misgivings and melancholy feelings, most are optimistic that William will serve as Prince of Wales with distinction. After removing Aldrich and raising William, the king chose to adopt Daniel in what he said in a private interview to be "in light of Daniel's service to the region and general hardworking nature." The King issued Letters Patent soon after Daniel's adoption, raising him from Earl of Oxford to Duke of St. Albans, and granting him the title "Prince of the Realm" as well.