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    TNI Foreign Office
    The New Inquisition Foreign Office - Foreign Update
    1st June 2014

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    [König: His Most Gracious and Imperial Majesty, Charles Cerebella
    Crown Princess: Her Imperial Highness, Lynneiah
    Minister-President: The Rt. Hon. Fairybella, Baroness of Qarth
    Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs: The Rt. Hon. Torrin von Vonno
    Secretary of State for Home Affairs: The Rt. Hon. Edward Leben, Viscount of Lübeck
    Secretary of State for Culture: The Rt. Hon. Seven Deaths
    Secretary of State: The Rt. Hon. Logain Raolin
    Minister-without-Portfolio: The Rt. Hon. Lt Zack Crabtree & The Most Hon. Olde Delaware Margrave Palatine of Bremen

    Happenings in The New Inquisition!

    Elections: Massive Win for Prussian Reform Party

    Chaos on the Hustings

    This term’s election saw two new parties go head to head in a fierce competition for leadership of TNI. The Prussian Reform Party took on The Renaissance Party in what became a hotly contested election. With the official results coming in, PRP won in a landslide victory, claiming all but one seat in the Reichstag, and the Minister-President’s chair. Edward Leben, Joshua IX, Lt Zack Crabtree, Fairybella, Seven Deaths, and Torrin von Vonno from the PRP all took their seats in the Reichstag. Viktoria von Hohenzollern was the sole representative of TRP. Fairybella took an early lead in the election for Minister-President, a lead which TRP was unable to trump.

    In the early hours after her victory, Fairlybella confirmed her cabinet. Torrin von Vonno kept his place as Foreign Affairs Minister, and in a show of cooperation quickly appointed Logain Raloin, the defeated RP Minister-President candidate, as her Secretary of State. When asked why he did this after such a contested election she stated: “Politics aside, my dedication is to TNI, and I will do everything I can to best serve our region.” Edward Leben was appointed Home Minister, who has declared recruitment, retention, and updating the home office to be amongst his top priorities. Cultural Minister Seven Deaths was appointed to keep up the vibrant culture of TNI. Logain has been tasked with carrying out the everyday tasks of TNI in his role, and Lt Zack Crabtree & Olde Delaware have been assigned to carry out any special priorities deemed necessary by the M-P. We wish the new government the best of luck.

    Kingdom of Ainur to be hosted by TNI


    The Kingdom of Ainur, an old ally and friend of TNI currently being revitalized, will be visiting the capital of TNI. Representatives of both royal families and governments will meet in order to discuss deepening friendships as well as plans for the future. His Most Gracious and Imperial Majesty, Charles Cerebella, has informed us he is greatly looking forward to the festivities. The Foreign Ministry likewise look forward to hosting our friends.

    Love is in the Air!


    Former Minister-President Freddie is celebrating his marriage to Albion’s Hanarii Nalan. The happy couple’s ceremony was officiated by Joshua IX. Freedie and his new wife were met with grand gifts and festivities back in TNI’s capital. In attendance was former M-P Viktoria von Hohenzollern, and her fiancé Anubis, who are in the process of planning their wedding now. The region is in celebration with the many high-profile weddings.

    Resurrection of Excellence

    The Government has brought the Vas Aureum Excellentiae, a body which awards a citizen for outstanding commitment to TNI, back from the dead. Harshhaven has been named head of the committee with Schnecke and Shase being added to the committee. They plan to meet every 30 days and recognize the efforts of a member. We are looking forward to their first choice.

    Written by Torrin von Vonno[/align]​
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    Thanks for the update.
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    OOC: I love the Prussian theme. Good to know that there are historically literate people around! Nice update!