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    April 9th, 1917 | Battle of Vimy Ridge

    This day, during the battle of Arras, all four Canadian divisions sent to France during WW1 came together to take the German-controlled high ground of Vimy Ridge. The French and British had failed again and again to take the height back, but using preliminary trench raids, artillery with creeping barrages, and 3.5 thousand dead, the ridge was in control by the 12th. Although it was not the most important thing the Canadian Corps did in France, it was the first time the whole Canadian expeditionary force came together in battle as a cohesive unit, and many think of Vimy Ridge as a show of Canada's coming of age as a nation.

    April 9th, 1940 | Operation Weserübung

    On this day, German forces invaded Denmark and Norway. The invasion of Denmark lasted less than 6 hours, but it was enough to finish sending 7,220 of Denmark's 7,800 Jews to Sweden, saving potentially hundreds or thousands of innocent lives.

    The invasion of Norway was different. Denmark was simply in the way. The invasion of Norway was to secure the port of Narvik, to make sure that Swedish steel could continue being shipped to Germany throughout the war, and also to counter any Franco-British occupation, which had been discussed. After heavy use of paratroopers to assist the invasion, Norway was considered conquered by the 10th of June, however, resistance would continue throughout the war.
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    April 17th, 1492

    The Capitulations of Santa Fe: Christopher Columbus signs a contract with the Spanish monarchs to find the "Indies" with the stated goal of converting people to Catholicism. They granted Columbus the titles of Admiral of the Ocean Sea, the Viceroy, the Governor-General and honorific Don, and also the tenth part of all riches to be obtained from his intended voyage.