June/ July Update


The Monarchy of British Isles

The Monarch: His Majesty King John II

HM Executive Government

Prime Minister: Taco Cat
Deputy Prime Minister: Pixie Noir
Home Secretary Jonewest
Foreign Secretary: William Mikaelson
Culture Secretary: HRH William, Heir to the Realm
Defence Secretary: Zenny Anumia

Supreme Court

Chief Justice: Daniel North
Associate Justice: Mason
Associate Justice: Richard North

The House of Lords

Lord Speaker of the House of Lords: Prince Aldrich
Duke of ClarencePrince Aldrich
Duke of Gloucester HRH William
Marquess of Hastings: Sir Daniel
Marquess of Bath: Klaus Mikaelson
Viscount West: Jonewest

The House of Commons

Speaker: Willliam Mikaelson
Southern England: William Mikaelson (SF)
Northern England: Pixie Noir (I)
Wales: MacGregor Mikaelson (SF)
Scotland: Charles Mikaelson (SF)
Northern Ireland: Takanashi (PCP)

Majority: Sinn Fein
HM Loyal Opposition: Popular Citizen's Party

In this Issue:

- Repeal of the Prime Ministers Questions Act.
- General Election results.
-Prime Minister Election results
-State Opening of Parliament
-World Fair Cancelled


Prime Minister's Question Act Repealed!
Since our last update, Parliament has elected to repeal the Prime Ministers Questions Act; citing the limitations on the scope of the Prime Ministers accountability to Parliament, established by the aforementioned Act, unreasonable and contrary to the good of the region. The repeal of the Act has proven rather timely, as incoming Prime Minister Taco Cat promptly named a majority of Parliament as members of his cabinet; with several of those not named being brought into the government in deputy positions. Had this Act not been repealed by the previous government, the new Prime Minister may have been beyond reproach for the duration of the term - however, following the repeal, the Prime Minister will instead be subjected to official questioning at the whim of any Parliamentarian, as well as the people in general, at a time of the questioners choosing. Certainly, the scope of accountability of the Prime Minister has expanded beyond that afforded during the enacting of the Prime Ministers Questions Act.

New Parliament Brings New Hope!
On the 15th of June, the voters of the British Isles elected a new Parliament, with hopes of new activity, new legislation, reformed legislation, and much more. With Taco Cat having the most votes, the line up for the House of Commons is as follows:
Position[c] Elected Candidates [c]Vote Percentiles[c]Speaker for the House of Commons
MP for Northern England
MP for Southern England
MP for Wales
MP for Scotland
MP for Northern Ireland[c]William Mikaelson (SF)
Pixie Noir (I)
William Mikaelson (SF)
MacGregor Mikaelson (SF)
Charles Mikaelson (SF)
Taco Cat A.K.A Tak (PCP)[c]80% (HoC Votes)

The line-up for the House of Lords, as appointed by His Majesty, King John II, is as follows:
Duke of Clarence:
Duke of Gloucester:
Marquess of Hastings:
Marquess of Bath:
Viscount West:[c]Prince Aldrich
Prince Aldrich
Prince William
Sir Daniel
Klaus Mikaelson

In a 4 to 1 victory against Parliament Member MacGregor Mikaelson of Wales, Taco Cat was elected by the House of Commons and appointed by HM King John II as the Prime Minister of the British Isles.

He has previously served as an MP, Lord, Chief of Staff (position no longer existent), Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, as well as many other positions in other regions.

After appointment, Prime Minister TC announced his Cabinet in an apparent leak by the BIBC. Full Article here:

10 DOWNING STREET, LONDON (Leaked Anonymous Source): In a BIBC leak, a reliable source who will be in the new Cabinet. The line-up is as follows:

Position[c]Name[c]Prime Minister
Deputy Prime Minister
Home Secretary
Foreign Secretary
Culture Secretary
Defence Secretary[c]Taco Cat
Pixie Noir
William Mikaelson
Zer Highness William of Gloucester, Heir to the Realm
Zenny Anumia

The newly elected Prime Minister notably re-established the Home Office as an individual ministry, which was previously a part of the Culture Ministry during the term of the previous Prime Minister, Klaus Mikaelson.

On the 16th of June, His Royal Majesty, King John II, delivered his Speech from the Throne in the House of Lords, on a bright morning at the Palace of Westminster. His Majesty detailed of what he would like to see happen in the newly elected Parliament, including amending the Elections Act, the rewriting of the Criminal Code, and the introduction of standards during elections through an Campaign Regulations Act.

His Majesty also outlined in his speech, that the Parliament should be a proactive one, instead of a reactive Parliament, in regards to legislation and such, which many citizens of the British Isles agree on and are hoping that this newly elected Parliament does such.


Since the Opening and the Speech from the Throne, the British Isles Parliament has passed an amendment to the Commons Procedures establishing an official quorum, Rules of the House of Lords, elected Northern England's William Mikaelson (SF)as Speaker for the HoC, and discussed matters such as Election Reform, Legal Reform, amending the Citizenship Act, and amending the reprehensible Criminal Code.

We, JOHN II, King of the British Isles by the Grace of God and Parliament bid all those reading this statement greetings!

We find ourselves in the most peculiar of situations. The dominating political party of the British Isles has, as could be expected, gained a majority within the House of Commons and comfortably so; its presence extending out from the Chamber and into the House of Lords. And yet, as mentioned, we are in the most peculiar of situations; both my government, and my official opposition in the House of Commons, are headed by the same individual. The minority government enjoyed by the Prime Minister is based on the back of the Parliamentary majority of a Political party that is not his own; no doubt this terms shall be fragile, yet we are filled with optimism for the potential of consensual governing originating from such fragility.

My government shall see the focus shift from simple activity to executive activity; current levels of activity shall of course be maintained or built upon, however the activity of the government in her official capacities shall be heavily increased - that work ethic being extended to our Parliament.

The legislative agenda for this term shall include an amendment to the Elections Act, the rewriting of the Criminal Code, and the introduction of standards during elections through an Campaign Regulations Act. Further; my government will oversee the reform of the WA Act, and will make every effort to ensure that the position of WA Delegate is in fact elected again in the near future; as it should have been, were such elections not neglected.

My government may be fragile; but it shall push to be a proactive one, rather than reactive. With the cooperation of you, the citizenry, we are confident that this term can be successful; setting a precedent for the next term and all that follow.



With a new Prime Minister comes a new Cabinet, and chosen to lead the Ministry of Culture, Media, and Sports was Zer Higness William. Upon taking office Zer Highness reviewed the plans for the First Annual World Fair. While looking at the plans he decided that the plans were insufficient and not good enough. So on the 19th of June the year 2014 the Culture Ministry stated that the world fair had been cancelled. The statement said

It is with the deepest regards that I must inform you that the World Fair has been cancelled. Upon arriving into this office, I found the project lacked substantial planning while also feeling what had been done placed too much burden on citizens and visiting dignitaries. We are currently planning an event to replace the World Fair. It is our hope that the new event will engage citizens in a fun way.
More announcements well follow in the coming weeks.

Thank You,

Culture Secretary, William

But with cancellation of the World Fair, the Culture Ministry promised an event to replace the World Fair.