The New Galactic Empire's Spring/Early Summer Update

The New Galactic Empire Spring/Early Summer Update!

High Government
Emperor:HM Emperor Darth Radix II
Viceroy: Aayla
Vizier:Darth Tenebris

Moff Council
Moff of Foreign Affairs: Aayla
Moff of War: Darth Tenebris
Moff of Imperial Affais: Raslekx
Moff of Finance: Master Xilross
Moff of Culture: Darth Typhoas
Vice Moff of Foreign Affairs: Ithorian Herdships
Vice Moff of War: Zeorus


Imperial Senate
Chancellor: Darth Revan II
Vice-Chancellor: Alagaeia
Representative: Vacant​
WA Delegate: HM Emperor Darth Radix II​
Galactic Court​
Supreme Judge:Gray Army​


Heir to the Throne Announced

His Imperial Majesty the Emperor announced that the heir to the throne and occupant of the role of second in command would be held by Her Imperial Highness the Duchess of Alderaan (Aayla). Three choices of title were given for the second in command position as is custom. Viceroy, Vicereine, and Executor. The Duchess chose the title of Viceroy, she has a long history of public service in the NGE going back nearly four years. Serving as Secretary of State, Head of the Council of Peers, High Moff, Empress-Consort, and remains a long-standing member of the Imperial Family.


Imperial Economy Restored

Master Xilross has been appointed to the position of Moff of Finance in a flux of recent laws passed by the Imperial Senate restoring economy. The Empire has long held a tradition of an economy, after the loss of the last forum due to various reasons. The economy was put on the list of needed reforms. As part of the new policies, government departments will be given a sum of Imperial Credits to budget as each Department sees fit, rather than one sweeping salary list. A new addition to the Imperial Economy is the removal of privatly owned companies, something which had created stagnation in the Empire's previous system.


Special Chancellor Elections!

After an expected return to the political scene, Darth Revan II the former Emperor won an uncontested election to become the new Chancellor of the Senate. However soon after, Revan made it known that he is giving up NationStates to focus on real life. So to fill the void left by Revan; Vaculatestar, a long-standing member of the region and former Chancellor has agreed to take up the reigns of the Chancellery until a special election can be held to fill the position. The special election is expected to take place in two to three weeks from the 6th of June.