June 2014 Update

The Beach June Update
June 2014

Surfernate of The Beach

(TheStoneSurfers announcing the passage of the new charter)

Ever since the disbanding of the old Constitution and the unveiling of a new administration by TheStoneSurfers and Leivan, the region had been remaining Constitution Less. It was noticed during the negotiations of the treaty between Europeia and The Beach. This meant the new government was not technically the 'legal governing establishment' and was running the Region on theory and the word of the Founder rather than a 'legal' document which outlines the powers of the government, in the eyes of others.

Two drafts, however, were proposed. One by TheStoneSurfers and another by Leivan. Both pretty similar. Both established the Surfernate of The Beach and recognised TheStoneSurfers as de facto leader of the Region. They both established an executive lead by the Cabinet known as the Bonfire and as well as a Court comprised of TheStoneSurfers and two appointed officials with confirmation from the legislature. But under both drafts there were differences between the Court and Legislature. The minor difference was the name of the Court. The first draft said the Court be known as Guid of SUn and the second said the Court is to be known as the Tidal Court.

But the most major difference is the organisation of the Legislature. In the Founder's draft, it said the Legislature will be comprised of two houses. A Council of Sand (comprised of all citizens) and an Assembly of Tides (comprised of specially appionted citizens) while Levian's draft only requires one legislative house. But in the end of the debate, it was Levians draft that was motion and passed with 80% of the vote. An officially established the Surfernate of The Beach

Click here for more of the debate and voting.

July Fair and Festivals

Scene of the Fair Ground

The Fair is back, but bigger and better than ever! The government has decided that there have been too much politics and too little enjoyment. So The Beach government has decided to have a fair in celebration of the passage of the new treaty as well as the establishment of the new administration.

Image of members of the Bonfire and friends at the Fair

Most of the Games have yet to be decided but it is certain that there will be a football/soccer game between opposing teams and the winner will win a prize from the Big Kahuna himself. There are said to be special appearances from important people within the NationStates gameplay. However, the organising committee has not given any clue of any of the special guests. But it is predicted to be a great turnout!

Coming Soon, Somewhere Near you!

Roleplay Community on the Increase


Ever since I have been in The Beach, activity was low and showing no signs of recovery though having a population near one hundred; it was ghost town. But now, under the new establishment and with our new allies. Roleplay and activity is on the increase! Pier 13 and The Sandlot, the Beach Roleplay sections, are now under good amount of activity and now there is demand of more things to do within roleplay. The Bonfire is currently struggling to think up new ideas to keep citizens and new Beachsiders entertained. But with the Fair preparations being made, things look to be back on track for the Region.

Weather Report


Expect much of the same throughout 2014 and 2015 with highs around 85F/30C. Expect a cool down in 2016 with the high only reaching 84F/29C. Break out the sweaters!

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