TNI Statement: Military Victory for UIAF

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    TNI Foreign Office
    The New Inquisition Foreign Office - Military Victory for UNIAF in Slavya
    21st April 2014


    The following statement has been issued by the Commander of The New Inquisition's Armed Forces (TNIAF):

    We are pleased to announce that the invasion and occupation of Slavya is coming to a successful conclusion. All troops should standby to receive orders to withdraw shortly, although they should await such withdrawal orders before leaving and, if not deployed, should continue to deploy up until they are issued.

    Not only did the UIAF obtain an excellent military victory, but the operation has satisfied several political objectives, obtaining the following from the governments of Slavya, Slavia and Slavska:

    Through this operation, we have defeated SCOP in the war they declared on the UIAF. Indeed, SCOP has been declared a banned organisation in regions it at various points purported to represent. Moreover, an apology has been achieved for the invasion of Anzia and all outstanding issues from the Slavia invasion have been settled, with Slavia officially recognising that it was an FRA member at the time of our invasion.

    Having attained victory and in line with our commitment, we will be withdrawing from the region.

    This operation is another illustration of the force and potential of the UIAF's power. Foreign states like SCOP which seek to threaten or damage us can expect a formidable response.