TNI Statement: Military Victory for UIAF

Sir Pitt



TNI Foreign Office
The New Inquisition Foreign Office - Military Victory for UNIAF in Slavya
21st April 2014


The following statement has been issued by the Commander of The New Inquisition's Armed Forces (TNIAF):

We are pleased to announce that the invasion and occupation of Slavya is coming to a successful conclusion. All troops should standby to receive orders to withdraw shortly, although they should await such withdrawal orders before leaving and, if not deployed, should continue to deploy up until they are issued.

Not only did the UIAF obtain an excellent military victory, but the operation has satisfied several political objectives, obtaining the following from the governments of Slavya, Slavia and Slavska:

We the undersigned are the legitimate representatives of the natives of the region Slavia, Slavska and Slavya, vested with plenipotentiary authority to negotiate with the United Imperial Armed Forces. The following statements reflect our irrevocable will and are made as part of an agreement negotiated with Field Marshal Onder Kelkia of the UIAF.

-We are posting this announcement as a new topic in the NS Gameplay forum and on the regional message boards of Slavia, Slavska and Slavya.
-We guarantee that neither the Slavic Co-operation Pact nor any similar organisation shall be established again. We regard the SCOP as an illegitimate organisation and we condemn the involvement of our members with it.
-We apologise for the invasion of Anzia. While Slavska’s participation in this invasion was under our own laws unconstitutional, we accept responsibility for our members’ actions. Specifically, we apologise to the natives of Anzia, to The Black Riders, to the Green Black Concordat, to The Land of Kings and Emperors, to The New Inquisition and to Albion.
-We admit that SCOP has been defeated in the state of war it declared upon the regions of the United Imperial Armed Forces, namely the LKE, TNI and Albion.
-We acknowledge that at the time of its invasion, on 3rd January 2014, Slavia was legally a member of the FRA whatever its members' intentions. We regard the FRA as having been at fault in having a procedure which required us to resign directly to the Regional Assembly.
-We promise never to engage in any aggression against the LKE, TNI or Albion, or any regions associated with these regions.
-We promise never to join the FRA or any other super-regional defender organisation. We not allow our soldiers to be placed under the command of such disreputable groups.

In exchange for the unreserved making and subsequent adherence to these commitments, the United Imperial Armed Forces has magnanimously and generously agreed to withdraw from Slavya within two days of the posting of this agreement. They have also agreed, also subject to our continued compliance, to not to attack the regions of Slavya, Slavia, Slavska and Slavija again. We thank for them for doing so.

Through this operation, we have defeated SCOP in the war they declared on the UIAF. Indeed, SCOP has been declared a banned organisation in regions it at various points purported to represent. Moreover, an apology has been achieved for the invasion of Anzia and all outstanding issues from the Slavia invasion have been settled, with Slavia officially recognising that it was an FRA member at the time of our invasion.

Having attained victory and in line with our commitment, we will be withdrawing from the region.

This operation is another illustration of the force and potential of the UIAF's power. Foreign states like SCOP which seek to threaten or damage us can expect a formidable response.