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    TNI Foreign Office
    The New Inquisition Foreign Office - Election Update
    15th April 2014

    Population: 308
    Forum posts: 474,701

    Kaiser: His Most Gracious and Imperial Majesty, Charles Cerebella
    Crown Princess: Her Imperial Highness, Lynneiah
    Reich Chancellor: Her Grace, The Rt. Hon. Viktoria von Hohenzollern
    Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs: His Grace, The Rt. Hon. Sir Otto von Pitt
    Secretary of State for Home Affairs: The Rt. Hon. Torrin von Vonno
    Secretary of State for Culture: The Rt. Hon. Fabius Maximus
    Secretary of State for Events: The Rt. Hon. Baron Plaguelord
    Minister-without-Portfolio: The Rt. Hon. Salochin​

    Competitive election produces new government mixing youth and experience

    Heated debate in the region have led to a new government being installed combining experienced older members with newer citizens

    The New Inquisition followed successful 8th anniversary celebrations with an exciting and competitive General Election. There was fierce competition and debate from a range of candidates and the formation of a new political party, the Prussian Reform Party introduced added spice.

    The election saw the following candidates elected:

    Two candidates ran close campaigns but were unsuccessful: Wyzecat and Oberkommando Crabtree.

    Following the elections, Viktoria von Hohenzollern defeated Sir Pitt in the Reich Chancellor elections and formed a new government. The new Reich Chancellor promised to bring in newer members alongside experienced citizens to drive the region forward over the months ahead. There are hopes that this term will see significant activity across a range of areas within the region.

    Full details on the new government of TNI can be seen at the top of this Foreign Update.

    Kaiser promises reforms to The New Inquisition

    Look out for more wigs, frills and clarinet concertos...

    His Most Gracious and Imperial Majesty, has delivered a Speech from the Throne at the start of the new Government and the end of the 8th Foundation Day celebrations, the first of his reign. Referencing the success of the Foundation Day celebrations, His Majesty once again stressed the need for the region to attract new blood.

    Laying out the priorities for the future of the region, the Kaiser said that alongside upgrades to the forums there would be changes made to reform TNI from a 19th Century Imperial German region, to an 18th Century Prussian region.

    Subjects have loyally given their support to the Sovereign and there is excitement and anticipation as all look forward to what how this change will be implemented.

    The Kaiser also announced that the former Reich Chancellor, Olde Delaware, would be elevated to the title The Margrave Palatine of Bremen, in recognition of his leadership of The New Inquisition.

    From the frontline - a TNI Armed Forces Update

    The New Inquisition Armed Forces have continued to go from strength to strength since our last update. As part of the United Imperial Armed Forces, together with the LKE Imperial Army and the Royal Albion Legion, TNIAF recently conducted an occupation of Scotland. This success was a joint occupation between The North Pacific Army and the United Imperial Armed Forces, designed to further relations between the UIAF regions and The North Pacific. The complete absence of any opposition from the UDL or the FRA is further proof that the UIAF is attaining victory in TNI and the LKE's wars against the UDL and the FRA.

    As of time of writing, 29 UIAF troops are deployed in The Soviet Bloc reinforcing an occupation by the Lone Wolves United and more UIAF troops are expected to arrive. Prior to its invasion, led by LWU and in which UIAF partook, the delegacy of the Soviet Bloc was in the hands of Milograd and the 'Lazarene Liberation Army', making the invasion and subsequent occupation solid victories against Lazarus, which conducted an absurd purge of UIAF officials (including then TNI Kaiserin and former Lazarus Delegate Gryfynn, and current Kaiser Charles Cerebella), and, as Lazarus is a member of the FRA, the FRA as a whole. Thus, the UIAF is continuing to doggedly pursue the wars of TNI and the LKE against the FRA with great success.

    Against this background of victory after victory, TNIAF Commander OnderKelkia announced the appointment of Torrin von Vonno as Deputy Commander of The New Inquisition Armed Forces in light of his dedication to update operations and demonstrated capacity for military leadership. Torrin von Vonno has subsequently been dual-hatted as the UIAF's TNI Division Commander (succeeding Edward Leben), to be combined with his role as Deputy Commander of TNIAF, by UIAF Joint Commander Bishop. This appointment reflects the coming of a new generation of military leadership. This generation is more than ready to carry on TNIAF's legacy of creative and professional operations which serve the foreign policy objectives of our region.

    Imperial University signs agreements with Lands of Kings and Emperors and Albion

    The Imperial University of The New Inquisition has signed two agreements with universities in Albion and The Land of Kings and Emperors which will see the Imperial University work more closely with these institutions.

    The Imperial University is one of the premier universities in Nationstates and it is hoped that these agreements will lead to the advancement of learning across all three regions.

    New citizens

    The following have recently been accepted as citizens of The New Inquisition: Valkany, Imperial Commissar, commanderNK12, Entheosia, George Williams and Anaku.

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