April Update




The Monarchy of British Isles

The Monarch: His Majesty King John II

HM Executive Government

Prime Minister: William Kudrow
Defence Secretary: Klaus Mikaelson
Foreign Secretary: Aaron Cerebella
Culture Secretary: Daniel Scott
Deputy PM: Sophia Wagner

In this Issue:​

Recent Events Explained
Impending Elections​

Recent Events Explained​


No-one seems to know exactly who fired the first shot. All we can gather is right after Former Prime Minister Klaus Mikaelson made a committee things got crazy. There were riots in the city. The Service couldn't contain the people. The resistance seemed to come from those who felt excluded from the process. Klaus was determined to get work done. The committee moved underground thinking they could finish the project quietly. Sadly members of the committee started to die off. It seemed the resistance had discovered the identity of the members. As the committee started to die off so did the idea. Until, one faithful day Former Monarch Edward Kensington decided now was the time to seize the opportunity. His plan would seek to include everyone eliminating the pressure of a resistance. This plan worked slightly until it became know that a resistance did exist: they worked from the inside. It seemed they didn’t want to just be involved in the process, they wanted to hinder it. It was still unknown who was leading the resistance or why anyone would.

The new committees would eventually fail after the disappearance of Edward. The Prince of Wales would eventually take over the process with Former Prime Minister Victoria. This time the resistance didn’t have the power to stop them. Many wonder if the resistance changed their plan or maybe they died out. Glaring at the failure that stood before them, maybe they turned and ran.

This new constitution would make its way through the House of Commons, and almost the House of Lords. Former Speaker of the House of Lords would question the effectiveness of the new proposal. A citizen by the name of William Kudrow would propose a new version to fit the questions raised by the speaker. This version would pass the House of Lords and the House of Commons. It was at this moment the leader of the resistance made zimself known, William Kudrow had purposely misled the Speaker, but hadn’t expected the version to pass. Zim plan was to start a true debate over the Constitution. That plan had failed; the resistance now had to work against the plan they set in motion.

Due to a technical error made by Victoria the resistance would claim the win. The court issued a warrant ordering the halt of the referendum. The resistance had won, but found no solace in the win. This plan could have made things worse. The committee and the resistance would soon be forgotten. The Monarch would soon abdicate and a new plan would be born. The Leader of the Resistance teamed up with the former leader of the region and set on actually finishing the work of the committee. After a series of unfortunate events William Kudrow found Zerself the Prime Minister of the region. This made ze more committed to the idea. Ze needed to see if there was a resistance this time. Knowing ze’d led the last one ze knew how dangerous it could be. The placement of a joint session of parliament would awaken three members of the forum. This assured Kudrow this time the resistance had little power. Kudrow would make the unlikeliest of friends, zim former Chief of Staff; he would rally the House of Lords gaining a majority of the votes needed.

The plan now sits where it once failed. With the election looming very close, may lie in wait to see the path of the region.

Impending Elections​


With elections for the House of Commons already here, the time of elections has begun and it is certainly expected to be an interesting one. With the elections coming up, several questions will surely be being asked...Who will run? Who will win? Only time will tell and it's running out.
Elections...they're coming...

Additions to the Judiciary​


In this term there have also been two new additions to the Judicial Government of the British Isles. These included the appointment of Richard North and Takanashi to the posts of Jr. Associate Justice and Sr. Associate Justice respectively. This has radically changed the Judiciary as it has two new members out of a 3 member branch of the Government.
I don't really know what happened in BI.. and the explanation doesn't seem to help that much lol.

What was the resistance resisting? the new constitution proposal or the monarch? Or something else? :P