Foreign Update/Personal Notes


The International Western Union
Unity And Equality

[table=3,International Western Union]Government
President: Pharthan
Vice-President: Vizindolf
Justices: Neo-Assyrian Empire, Iloistan, Gatito
Recruitment Sec.:
Regional Chairman: Kialga[c]


Founder: Kialga
World Assembly Delegate: The Foxfyre Islands​

International Western Union Regional Council
The Sotoan Union
The Cartopian Society

State of Decline (Personal Note from Kialga)

The spark that once feed the IWU is dying. The region is entering a collapse as nations left and right continue to Cease-To-Exist and the lack of a recruiter ceases the flow of fresh nations into the region. Government leaders are being invited elsewhere by former IWU citizens so that they may build a new region to something that may compare to the IWU's legacy. I've already put how I feel into actual words, so it may be better to do that here as well.

With Happiness Comes Sadness...


So, even with the region in a state of decline... like, almost a constant state of decline, activity seems to be looking up. A stock exchange is peeking, the RMB is lively (or more-so than it has been in awhile), and there seems to be a general good air around the region. Really, just a jolly time around the region.

However, the outside is far better than the inside... A lackluster government, a lackluster founder, and a lackluster amount of decent activity being boiled in the region. There is only so much I can do without being criticized. There is only so much I can do without being overbearing. To be frank, I've run out of lust to keep trying anything. Either it gets shot down, seen as a coup, or I run out of time to do anything decent with it.

Really, this is an apology to the region. I am lacking what I used to in order to be the founder that you all have either known prior or wanted. Some things, I am hoping, will change. There are things far out of my control that I can't change. Personally, I must face the music and accept the terrible job I am doing for the region. I don't want you all to see this as a sign of weakness, as it is far from it. I really just hate having so many ideas with no way to fulfill them.

Look for some updates within the month.

Stay great, region,
Kialga <3[/table]

This is in no way a cry for help, it is the facts. The IWU is likely to fade from the world and I am just here to explain why. Not much of a Foreign Update, but it is all there is to say anymore.

Stay marvelous you all.