Thank you and Assassins Taken


St Abbaddon Occupation

The occupation of St Abbaddon has been a resounding success thanks to the support of our allies. We have turned this region into a warzone, written this operation into the history books, and shown that Security Council liberations are easily manipulated and pushed through without a second glance.

The Brotherhood of Malice would like to thank The North Pacific for your support in this endeavor and for your continued cooperation with us. We hope to pursue a closer relationship in the future, and look forward to our next operation together.

The Brotherhood takes out a rival sect of Assassins

With our previous mission coming to a close, I have posted new orders. Let us make it perfectly clear, we are the only assassins that this world needs. Competition will be eliminated. My officers were more than willing to get their hands dirty and take out these jesters. Lieutenant Raxion infiltrated their ranks and I soon followed. He proved himself worthy of his position and got us what we needed. We unlocked the door at midnight and brought in Cormac and Koth to help us. We are putting this place to the sword and soon the rest of our forces will descend to help burn this hole and claim it as ours. No one stops the Brotherhood, Overseer guard us.

With Malice in my heart,