Foreign Update


The International Western Union
Unity And Equality

[table=3,International Western Union]Government
President: Pharthan
Vice-President: Vizindolf
Justices: Neo-Assyrian Empire, Iloistan, Gatito
Recruitment Sec.: GROSS Independency
Regional Chairman: Kialga[c]


Founder: Kialga
World Assembly Delegate: The Foxfyre Islands​

International Western Union Regional Council
The Sotoan Union
The Cartopian Society

The Regionalist Party

After the announcement that Political Parties would be allowed in the International Western Union, on party was formed. The Regionalist Party was formed and struck off initially. The Party was formally recognized in early January 201, reaching the required 4 nations to form a party. The party stands on the core platforms of “[The Regionalist Party] believes in a centrist regional government, with a right-centrist orientation and firm stances in today's issues in the regional world.” The Party was formed by Hyperion, being backed by Neo-Assyrian Empire. Currently, the party lays claim to several feats. The party boasts 5 members, holding 3 of the 9 IWU Regional Council seats, and lays claim to the authorship of the major bills passed in the IWU Regional Council.

An Active Regional Council

The IWU Regional Council, a nine-seated legislature within the International Western Union, has seen leaps in bounds in the Regional Government in comparison to its predecessor. The Council has passed two laws that have been introduced into the regional community of the International Western Union.

The first, The Sealed Records and Documents Act, was passed in early January. The act calls for certain “court sealed” documents to not be viewable by the public, based on a 2/3 majority of IWURC members voting to seal the document. If a document is court sealed, it will only be viewable by IWU Regional Council members, the IWU President, the IWU Founder, and the Judges. This resolution was authored by IWU Regional Council member, Hyperion (Regionalist Party).

The second, the Article for Regional Defense, was passed on 09 February 2014. This act formed a commission in order to defend the region from coups and raids. The commission will be headed by a Security Commissioner and a Security Adviser, both of whom will work to retain knowledge on possible threats to regional safety. The resolution’s author was Hyperion (Regionalist Party).

All articles can be found in the Factbook of the Regional Identity nation of The IWU.

Friendly Rivalry

Kialga, the IWU founder, issued a friendly competition to recently the recently separated region of the International Northern Union. On 14 January 2014, Kialga offered to host a friendly football (soccer for us Americans) competition between the two regions. Initially, Kialga had planned to host 32 nations, 16 from each region. However, interest levels were not as high as hoped, and the competition was down-sized to host 16 nations, 8 from each region.

The first day of matches took place on 28 January 2014, pitting each regions member against other members of the same region. The first seven days were this same situation, and on 12 February 2014, the regions entered each other fields to play across regional borders.

The end of the regular season is scheduled to be on 28 February 2014, with the final Championship series coming sometime in March.