December 2014 Update


The 13th REC:

The 13th REC , chaired by Secretary general Besate and comprising of Chancellor Borduriaa, Speaker Evanicaland, High Commander Antarctica territories and Prosecutor General Wyethalania proved to be beneficial as far as foreign affairs went.
A treaty of mutual defense was signed between The Allied Republics and The Commonwealth of Crowns. The CoC also became a permanent member of the United Regions Initiative which boasted of regions like Lazarus, CoC, Next Generation Alliance ,Genuan Rebirth etc. The United Regions is a treaty to stop war in NS and is independent of R/D alliances.

The 13th REC's military ventures were quite uneventful with the sole military mission resulting in a defeat of the CoC forces. The mission was in ICOn( International Commonwealth of Nations) , where our forces were booted out promptly. A frank catharsis of the events showed that our mission was poorly timed and secrecy & requisite discipline was not maintained. The 13th REC witnessed the debates for and against the idea of "Defender Imperialism" which was propounded by one of our past Chancellors , Alkoul.


Perhaps the radical amendment passed by the House of Nobles was the Quorum Reduction Act ( Amendment #1)which was spearheaded by Lord Speaker Evanicaland. Since the quorum requirements were proving to be an impediment to the pasing of several amendments, the Quorum reduction Act allowed amendments to the Constitution an achievable task.
The 13th REC saw the passing of important bills like Commonwealth Disaster Management Act,Crown Bureau of Regional Investigation Creation Act (CBRICA), Transitional Currency Plan,Minister removal Act ( Amendment #2),Commonwealth Revenue Service Act ( Amednment # 3 to RRRA Act)

ELECTIONS to the 14th REC:
With the ending of the new Year and during Christmas, elections were held for the 14th REC, where the we had a contest for only the Speaker's post between incumbent Evanicaland, Torvalyn and Rarungan, which Evanicaland won hands down due to his success in pushing the business of the house after the stagnancy of the 12th REC.

The following 14TH REC Councillors were elected :
Chancellor & Delegate: Kingdom of Picts (Unopposed)
Secretary General: Eastland Duchies
Speaker: Evanicaland
Prosecutor General: Wyethalania

Siubsequent to the election, Picts porposed the expansion of Chancellery Act wherein he proposed a "permanent" bureacracy in CoC. This was opposed strongly by members of the region. As his very first proposal to empower the Chancellery didnt gather support, POicts got enraged and turned rouge.
And, the unthinkable happened. On a cold wintry day , The Commonwealth of Crowns was couped by it's 14th Chancellor , Picts ,who , immediately after winning the elections and being endorsed as delegate turned renegade and started banjecting members with low influence, demolished all embassies, desecrated the WFE with his pointless graffiti, disbanded the regional Newspaper and stopped the Regional Recruitment script.

It was a feeling of betrayal as Picts, the 14th Chancellor went on a rampage . As word spread like wildfire in the region , news went out from CoC's United Regions initiative ally ,Next Generation Alliance and Genuan Rebirth. Milograd of Lazarus rendered immense help by tricking Picts into resigning from WA and moving over to Lazarus. This movement removed all of Picts' endos and it was only a matter of time before the founder , Osberg-Thitania was alerted, who banned the rouge.The Secretary General, Eastland Duchies assumed the delegacy and things returned to normal with the exception of the Regional Newspaper, which was lost permanently. The region remains grateful to Milograd and members of Genuan Rebirth & Next Generation Alliance for their timely support.

The bye elections to the 14th Chancellor after the dismissal of Picts saw Antarctica territories catapulted to the position defeating Avorez. Avorez's membership in the TBR and participation in TBR raids coupled by the recent coup by rouge delegate Picts raised heckles during the campaign and may have contributed to his defeat.

The 14th REC also elected Borduriaa as the High Commander , who is the fifth member of the Executive Council, who has immediately submitted a proposal for 'defender Imperialism" of a region. The details are being held a secret and at the time of writing this report, the CoC Military has proactively started developing the said region with the support of it's natives.

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