A Holiday Update


The International Western Union
Unity And Equality

[table=3,International Western Union]Government
President: Pharthan
Vice-President: Vizindolf
Justices: Neo-Assyrian Empire, Iloistan, Gatito
Recruitment Sec.: GROSS Independency
Regional Chairman: Kialga [c]


Founder: Kialga
World Assembly Delgate: The Foxfyre Islands​


Election Time
With this being the holiday season, we are just going to do a small update on the elections.

- Our presidential election was opened on November 18, 2013. A nomination period of two days yielded several bright candidates. Amerisamika, Neo-Assyrian Empire, Gatito, and Pharthan were all up for vote to become the new IWU President. Within an additional two days voting, Pharthan came out the victor with 38% in support. Neo-Assyrian Empire followed with 31% of voters in support.
- Our vice-presidential election directly followed the presidential election, opening on November 22. Among the candidates, all three of the former presidential nominees; Gatito, Neo-Assyrian Empire, and Amerisamika, joined the new face in the election of Vizindolf. In the end, Vizindolf held 45% of the vote. They were followed by Gatito, who held 27% of the vote.
- Following the election of the vice-president, the election of the secretary of recruitment started on November 26. GROSS Independency ran unopposed in the election. GROSS is the only nation that has ran unopposed in this rounds elections. GROSS is also the only nation to ever hold the office of Secretary of Recruitment.
- The justices election followed, beginning on November 28. This election featured Gatito, Hyperion, Neo-Assyrian Empire, and Ilioistan. This vote required the election of three candidates. In the end, Neo-Assyrian Empire and Iloistan held 33% of the vote apiece, earning them a seat on the judicial council. Gatitio joined them as the third member, holding 23% of the vote on his own.
- On December 5, 2013, the chairman elections opened. There were three candidates, including Kialga, Hyperion, and The Cartopian Society. Two days later, it was revealed that Kialga would retain the position of chairman, taking 58% of the vote. Hyperion followed with 25%, and The Cartopian Society rounded out with 16%.
- After Abacathea left the IWU, a WA Delegate must be found to replace him. Between the election of one and Aba's leaving, GROSS Independency and Fenburg traded off the position. By December 7, the elections were opened to select a new Delegate. Fenburg, The Cartopian Society, Fairgreen, and The Foxfyre Islands were all nominated and placed on the ballot. The Foxfyre Islands earned 42% of the vote, barely nudging Fenburg out, who held 36% of the vote and the lead for most of the election.

Currently, the elections for the IWU Regional Council are being held. There will be nine chairs available to be held, with ten on the ballot. These elections will end on the 3rd of January, 2014.

Happy Holidays!
To you and yours, the International Western Union would like to extend a warm Happy Holidays! The wishes hail from Southern Bavaria to Chicago, Illinois; from Greater London to Central Kentucky; from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Alberta, Canada. As a special Christmas treat, I wish to extend to all of you, the wonders of Dominick the (Italian Christmas) Donkey!


I apologize for the small update, but I am currently awaiting family for Christmas dinner~