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    Foreign Office
    The New Inquisition Foreign Office Update
    15th December 2013
    Population: 315
    Forum posts: 457,227
    Kaiserin: Her Most Gracious and Imperial Majesty, Viktoria Gryfynn von Hohenzollern
    Crown Prince: His Imperial Highness, Charles Cerebella
    Reich Elector: His Excellency, The Rt. Hon. Augustus Maximaliaan
    Vice-Reich Elector: His Excellency, The Rt. Hon. Harshhaven
    Reich Chancellor: The Rt. Hon. Olde Delaware
    Deputy Reich Chancellor: The Rt. Hon. Jet Black
    Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs: The Rt. Hon. OnderKelkia
    Secretary of State for Home Affairs: The Rt. Hon. Gun Nutty Buddies
    Secretary of State for Culture: The Rt. Hon. Homo_Ignoramus
    TNI Seizes Military Victories

    TNI Soldiers storm Australia
    The New Inquisition Armed Forces been enjoying a successful period during which the foreign policy objectives of TNI have been attained and impressive military strength in its own right demonstrated. As part of the wider United Imperial Armed Forces, alongside our partners the LKE Imperial Army and the Royal Albion Legion, TNIAF has recently led major occupations and participated in a number of strategically important missions.

    First, TNIAF occupied New Zealand following an update raid involving 8 UIAF troops and, less than a day after the invasion, over 20 UIAF troops were already deployed in support of our Delegate. At its peak the UIAF Delegate in New Zealand had 50 endorsements gathered from the UIAF and our allies. Following this operation, the UIAF conducted yet another major occupation, seizing the historic region Australia, ending the delegate's reign after 559 days. After the initial invasion, forces from The West Pacific and Europeia combined with the bulk of UIAF forces in supporting the UIAF Delegate, while ten UIAF troops remained deployed in The Creed in support of Kantrias. This reflects the versatility of our forces in underpinning the operations of our allies and our own missions, as well as the importance of our allies in supporting our own activities. A defender liberation attempt against Australia, led personally by Unibot, was soundly defeated illustrating the UIAF's continued success in TNI's and the LKE's wars against the UDL and the FRA. We have also joined our close military partner The Black Riders in refounding Angola, K and J Alliance, and the Islamic Revolution of Iran.

    Not only has impressive military might been displayed by the capacity of the UIAF to carry out these operations, but TNI's interests have been served by by the defeats which we continue to inflict upon the forces of the UDL and the FRA in battle. Equally significant a contribution to TNI's strategic interests has been made by TNIAF's role as part of the UIAF force in Osiris, deploying both in November to assist the legitimate Delegate of Osiris in thwarting the efforts of "the Empire" in undermining that region's stability and in December to support action by the Osiris Fraternal Order to remove the threat posed by "the Empire" to Osiris completely. 35 units of the UIAF remain deployed in Osiris in support of the legitimate Government. Thus, the UIAF continues to serve the foreign interests of TNI well by offering an immense military capacity to support our interventions and TNIAF makes a key contribution to these efforts. We remain very grateful to all allies and friends who we have worked with during this period.

    New Reichstag Elected

    The New Inquisition Reichstag
    The Primrose League stormed to victory in most recent set of Reichstag elections, with its members securing control of three-fifths of the chamber. Other notable candidates elected included Friedrich Wilhelm, elected for the 'Revolutionary Republican Party' having resigned from the New Progressive Coalition in October, and Jet Black, an independent candidate noted for having spent a long period previously serving as TNI's Hauptrichter (chief judge). Since the new Reichstag has assembled, Jet Black was selected against Gun Nutty Buddies (of the Primrose League) for the position of Speaker.

    In addition, under a process initiated by the Election Commissioner it was confirmed that Olde Delaware, of the Primrose League, would be going forward from the public to the newly elected Reichstag for approval to continue to serve TNI in the office of the Reich Chancellor. The new Reichstag has now approved the nomination of Olde Delaware, with five votes in favour, reflecting another electoral success for the Primrose League.

    The Reichstag will now have to turn its consideration to legislative business, in particular a bill for the regulation of cultural awards and recognitions passed by the previous Reichstag rejected unanimously by the Herrenhaus, the upper house of TNI's Diet, on the argument that it was disadvantageous compared to existing practices. This and other bills leave the new Reichstag with much work to do in order to further the interests of the Empire.

    Expansion of Roleplay and Strategy Games

    We are pleased to announce that The New Inquisition's roleplay sector, already strong and one of the richest areas of our forums, is rapidly expanding. Currently in progress is Imperium a world-domination style strategy game, where everyone from invasions to state production orders are all in full-swing, which has attracted a diverse range of TNI's citizenry, including lords who are otherwise retired and new members of our community alike. Citizens have also enjoyed participating in Akuna, which is set in a dystopian fantasy world where the God of decay has taken over, though this particular game is currently on hiatus due to the organiser's real life concerns, so its return is eagerly anticipated by all.

    Many members of TNI have taken to designing their own roleplay environments for fellow citizens to participate in, for example Plaguelord is planning a roleplay based on space-born fleets called Travellers, while Lynneiah developing a turn-based game in a high fantasy setting and Homo_Ignoramus working on a revival of the established Age of Empire game. Thus, with a wide variety of roleplays and games already in place and more being produced by our region's roleplay enthusiasts and an enthusiastic general population, the forthcoming weeks and months look set to be a great time to roleplay in TNI.

    Change of Heir

    His Serene Grace, OnderKelkia and His Imperial Highness, Charles Cerebella
    Since our last foreign update TNI has a new Crown Prince following the retirement of OnderKelkia from this position. OnderKelkia announced that he had decided to stand down as Crown Prince alone among his positions in order to ensure that, with time pressures on the Kaiserin likely to increase and his own activity variable, a senior member of the TNI monarchy would always be available to act in the Kaiserin's stead. Following this speech, the Kaiserin paid tribute to OnderKelkia for his service, announced that an area of the TNI forums would be named after him and conferred upon him the title of Archduke of Saxony alongside confirming the continuation of his administrative and citizenship powers.

    The Kaiserin then announced that Charles Cerebella would become the region's new Crown Prince as a reflection of his long service on behalf of the region in a variety of executive positions spanning domestic and foreign affairs over years. Cerebella was delegated the same powers his predecessor enjoyed to exercise the Kaiserin's constitutional powers, with the exception of the authority to appoint new administrators. The citizens of TNI were unanimous in thanking OnderKelkia for his service and congratulating Cerebella on his ascension.

    Successful Festival with Albion

    Recently The New Inquisition hosted our friends from Albion for what proved to be a vibrant joint cultural festival. Dubbed the 'Winterfest', the activities in the festival ranged around a variety of themes as TNI and Albion marked the season in a collective spirit of goodwill. Under the leadership of TNI's current Culture Minister Homo_Ignoramus, citizens of TNI and Albion partook in an event for the recollection of memories from both regions and a game of Mafia. Meanwhile, within the festival a Games Centre was established by Bert, consisting of twelve different games thoroughly enjoyed all participants.

    The festival is therefore a fitting tribute to the relatively new but growing relationship between TNI and Albion over the latter half of this year. In addition to these joint cultural pursuits, which have successfully involved the wider citizenry of our regions in marking our friendship, Albion is also a close ally and partner of TNI in the political and military spheres, with the Royal Albion Legion having joined TNI Armed Forces and The Land of Kings and Emperors Imperial Army in the United Imperial Armed Forces as a new constituent military back in August. This successful festival, hosted by TNI and embraced by the citizenry of both regions, further cements our relationship.

    Collapse in Peace Talks with FRA

    In September, then FRA Arch Chancellor Falconias unilaterally announced that he was inviting the United Imperial Armed Forces to a conference to discuss GCR defence and declaring peace in the war which TNI and the LKE have waged against the FRA. He made this without the consent of The New Inquisition, the Joint Commander of the UIAF or either of the other two UIAF governments, having only raised the possibility of a summit with a single UIAF official. Despite the way in this invite was delivered, the Government of The New Inquisition, alongside the governments of The Land of Kings and Emperors and Albion, authorised the United Imperial Armed Forces to negotiate with the FRA and accept the invitation offered by Falconias.

    TNI regrets to report that in November the UIAF regional governments instructed our delegation to withdraw from the summit after it became clear that the FRA was unable and, apart from Falconias, largely unwilling to effectively engage in negotiations. Members of the FRA delegation at the summit dissented from the principle of prioritising GCR defence outlined by Falconias in his inaugural address. Falconias himself announced that he was working on a treaty to be published the next day and then did not produce it, leading to a period of over a month in which negotiations were stalled, only for the new FRA Arch Chancellor to inform us that he was bringing the entire issue back to the FRA Regional Assembly.

    The FRA invited us to a summit and then decided to have a debate over whether they should continue to talk to us halfway through. After such unsatisfactory conduct, we accordingly withdrew and TNI's war on the FRA continues with the failure of the peace summit they invited us to attend.
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