You're Invited!​


You are formally invited to the New Galactic Empire's 1st Annual Christmas Festival which will include all sorts of fun things like a short story contest and people sharing there Christmas Traditions and will last from Tuesday December 10th through Thursday December 12th . All are invited to come and share in the fun and games and we look forward to visiting with and meeting all of you.

Itinerary for the Festival:

Tuesday December 10th:

Dignitaries Arrive and are welcomed by member of the TNGE Imperial Family.
Ceremony to Kick off the Festival which will include:
The Playing of the Imperial March
A fly by of TIE Fighters
A Speech from Praetor Vaculatestar at the Palace of the Praetor
Submissions for the Short Story contest due at 9 PM Eastern Standard Time

Wednesday December 11th:

share you favorite Christmas gif/meme(s) event
share your christmas traditions hosted hosted by the Department of Culture

Thursday December 12th:

Medal Ceremony with the addition of the winner of the essay contest winner being announced
continuation of the stuff on Wednesday

Rules for the Short Story Contest:

Must be 2-5 Pages
Two submissions max from each region
Will be graded by the following criteria:
most original
most entertaining
best plot twist
best overall

Winner will be given the Medal of Creativity during the Awards Ceremony on Thursday.​