TNGE Foreign Update: November

The New Galactic Empire's Foreign Update: November

High Government:
Emperor: Darth Radix II
Imperial Knight: Darth Xilross
Praetor: Vaculatestar

Chancellor: Darth Treachorous
Representative: Raslekx
Representative: Vacant

Galactic Court:
Supreme Judge: Gray Army

Moff Council:

Moff of War: Darth Tenebris
Vice Moff of War: Vacant

Moff of Culture: Marik Winters
Vice Moff of Culture: Vacant

Interim Moff of Foreign Affairs: Vaculatestar
Vice Moff of Foreign Affairs: Thrawnn


Imperial Senate

This month in the Imperial Senate after some heavy debate and a compromise was reached the Empire's first criminal code which was co-authored by Emperor Darth Radix II, Imperial Knight Darth Xilross, and Praetor Vaculatestar was passed. It is part of an attempt at reforming the court system with more reforms expected on the way in terms of actual court policies and rules. There is also being voted on a new version of the Mentorship Act which was written by Praetor Vaculatestar. IT is hoped that this will help lay out better the duties of a mentor in an attempt at reforming the mentor program in TNGE. There is also up for vote The Chancellor Prerequisite Act which if passes will put restrictions on who can run for office by putting in a limit on how long you have to have had citizenship in the Empire. Emperor Darth Radix II has also issued an Imperial Decree creating several senate committees which cover a wide range of issues and are meant to draw focus to specific areas of the Empire.

The Return of a Friend:

Recently former Emperor Darth Revan II now known as Darth Vader made a decision to leave the Empire due to misunderstandings and poor communication. However, efforts were made by all sides and much of this has been resolved. This has led him to the Empire which has brought great joy to all.


This month the culture department under the direction of Moff of Culture Marik Winters has been spurring up RMB activity with weekly discussion topics. This appears to be working with RMB activity higher than it has been in recent history. The Culture Department also is working on reviving some old RP's such as the government deception RP which is the oldest and generally the biggest favorite of all of the RP's in the Empire though has seen little to no activity recently. Imperial Knight Darth Xilross has also been tasked with revitalizing the Imperial Acadamy in hopes of having a working education system in the Empire. Praetor Vaculatestar has begun work on revitalizing the regional news service the Holonet. He has introduced legislation and is currently trying to find a way to be able to publish it.

Divorce in the Empire:

Late into the month former Empress Dowager Aayla Fel filed for divorce from her then husband and also a former Emperor Darth Vader (formerly known as Darth Revan II). It is indeed a sad day in the Empire to see these two decide to part ways though perhaps in all of the sadness there is a silver lining as this has brought to light the need for a law on Divorce and Marriage which is now being worked on. Aayla has taken on the title of Her Imperial Highness (HIH) and has retained her Noble Title as Duchess of Alderaan.

Election Time:


Late this month, the Empire had an election for Chancellor, the only elected office in the region, between incumbent Darth Treachorous and Forum Administrator Raven. In a close election Raven was able to pull out an 8-4 victory over the incumbent. Raven has said that his first actions as Chancellor are going to be to take an account of the laws that we have and see what needs to be done. He also plans to increase the amount of democracy in the Empire in an attempt to push the Empire forwards into a new Golden Age.

Upcoming Award Ceremony:

The Government of the Empire is preparing for its bi-annual awards ceremony which will be held next month. Notable events to happen at it are there is going to be another inductee to the Hall of Fame and the Royal Family will be making an announcement in regards to an addition to it. Invitations and further details will be released as we get close to it.

Emperor's Quote of the Month:​

"I don't need you guys to be BFFs and run around in matching sweaters, but I do need you to stop trying to kill each other on a daily basis"

-Emperor Darth Radix II