Foreign Update (Nov. 17, 2013)


The International Western Union
Unity And Equality

[table=3,International Western Union]Government
Recruitment Sec.:
Regional Chairman: [c]


Founder: Kialga
World Assembly Delgate: Abacathea​


The End of a Coup
One week ago, during the midst of election for the former Government of the International Western Union, one nation departed the region saying "Take it easy all. Dont want to be part of the Titanic known as Intl Western Union anymore." (The Holy Empire of Anireggio) Striking a nerve within the region, the nation departed the region in search of a new home. However, their comment still lingered amongst the remaining members of the region.

Sentiments that the former government contained "makey uppey" positions hit the message board. One member nation, GROSS Independency, decided to recognize the comment and state that "...we simply can't cut the government down to a few people. It's ineffective and unfair governance, and it's unattractive for the best nations who might consider moving to the IWU." Another nation retorted, attempting to make a joke: "Yes, you should know that, Mr. former WA delegate." (Gatito). This simple comment sparked a massive argument on the RMB. GROSS wound up taking, editing, and posting pictures of his accomplishments in-real-life in order to prove that real-life can get in the way of playing NationStates.

Recognizing the dwindling of the region, and wishing to smooth things over, Kialga began his mission. Alongside World Assembly Delegate, Abacathea, Kialga threw out the government that was in place of the IWU. A small government, formed simply of a Recruiter, the Delegate, and a Vice-Delegate, was implemented. Three factions of the IWU were formed: The Coup faction, the Serious faction, and the Fun Faction. GROSS Independency is quoted as saying, not publicly, to Kialga: "You know for the fact the IWU would be NOTHING without me!" Upon being called out, and responding, GROSS left the IWU for his own region, the International Northern Union. He was soon followed by Rachara who departed for her region, the International Southern Union.

Pharthan called out both sides after the departing of GROSS. He called everyone the fault the region was in decline. Vizindolf stepped up, calling for a discussion between each faction to discuss how to recover. Public activity, in the least, calmed and slowed as an evening was called. One nation publicly supported the actions of Kialga and Abacathea. Anireggio returned only to call GROSS a "double agent." The comment was denied, and criticized by all factions. Vizindolf's meeting was called the next day, and ideas were placed up by a slim number of nations. Eventually, in quite a small vote, it was decided a new government, quite similar to the former in many respects, was voted to replace the Coup government.

A New Horizon
Two main plans, offered up during the Vizindolf Conference, were offered to the region publicly. Gatito's plan called for two major Branches of government. On the other hand, GROSS Independency's plan called for a government almost similar to the one that had been overthrown, minus a small handful of positions. On Thursday, the election began to decide which government plan would take over. The vote, ending Saturday evening, was tallied. In the end, only thirteen votes were received, with a tie being held for a majority of the vote. After all was said in done, Gatito's plan received 6 of the 13 votes, while GROSS' plan received 7.

GROSS' plan of government, quite similar to the previous, was put into place. Kialga has decided to start nominations and elections later in the day on Sunday, in order to have an easier update time on himself, as he still attend school during the day. This decision has gone unopposed.

Political Parties to join the IWU?
Earlier in September, a poll was held on the addition of Political Parties to the region. The vote was held on the Regional Forums, where the majority of the Party discussion would take place. 42% of voters supported the addition, 42% opposed the addition, and 16% were "maybies" on the choice. The discussion has been re-opened on Sunday. It is though to be able to bring more of a Role-play asspect to the legislature, as Kialga is quoted: "I figured it'd give a bit more Roleplaying Side to our government if the Legislature is here to stay." The current vote sits at 100% in support.


Thanks very much for the update. I'm glad to see that the issues in government are well on the way to being solved.