September-October 2013 Update



The 12th REC was the first five member REC installed after the revision of the CoC Constitution with the following members:​

Chancellor: Alkoul
Speaker: Arkornias
Secretary General: Eastland Duchies
Prosecutor General: Wyethalania
Lord Commander: Noorderkwartier


Minister(Interior Affairs):Lunidia
Minister(Foreign Affairs):Velykyy Ukraina
Minister(Finance):Nouelle Calais
Minister(Recruitment): Besate

The International Crowns Court
San Monteriano(Chief Justice), Aquenetta, Churchilland


What an exciting month it has been for our region, in over a months time we have elected a new Crown Court, which was seated by; The Unified Hawaiian Islands, San Monteriano and Zagornias. Two weeks latter the elections for the 12th Regional Executive Council were called, the early candidates for Chancellor were Alkoul and Kinnickinee, until a few days latter when Kinnickinee pulled out leaving the Alkoul the lone candidate for the Chancellorship.

There was only one Candidate for Speaker, and that was Zagornias. Secretary General was between Kinnickinee and Eastland Duchies, and for the 12th REC we found a new position that was up for grabs the office of Prosecutor General which was previously an appointed position, now became a dully elected position. The candidates for Prosecutor General were current Prosecutor General Wyethalania and Aquenetta.

As Alkoul had run unopposed for the Chancellorship, there was no need for official elections and Alkoul was named the as the 9th Chancellor of the CoC. Same with the position of Speaker, Zagornias ran unopposed and was also named Speaker. However though the other two positions and their candidates had to go to the polls and let the democratic process work. After four days of voting, Eastland Duchies had won the Secretary Generalship, while Wyethalania had kept his seat as Prosecutor General.

The First two priorities of the new REC was to elect the Lord Commander, who is in-charge of our Defense Force and a new Justice for the court as Zagornias had to resign under the Political Monopoly Act. After a few days of debate, the REC elected Noorderkwartier to the post of Lord Commander, while Churchilland was elected as the new Justice.


With the change of guard and installation of the 12th REC public pressure mounted against imperialistic ambitions of erstwhile CoC governments. Overt gameplay operations were put on hold by a cautious Chancellor who preferred to tread a non-assertive path. Despite this, the CoC received a call for defense from a region ,Orion, which went founderless and the REC thankfully sanctioned the military operation to defend the region. Led by the Lord Commander Noorewrkwartier, 5 military nations joined the military effort to bolster the Orion delegacy. The Orion administration acknowledged our help as it kept The Black Riders at bay. A snapshot of the Orion RMB:

[bgcolor=#fb8a00]Internal Disagreements[/bgcolor]

In the past few weeks the our region had been in turmoil as the former Minister of Finance, GuatemalaCity announced news that The Regional Relief Resources Association Act (RRRAA) fund had been stolen, which totaled to over $800 million. This was during a heated time when member Kinnickinee believed that his nation and people were lead astray by the 11th REC that their nation were told to contact the then Chancellor BORDURIAA on how to attain RRRAA funds. This dispute with the nation of Kinnickinee and the members of the 11th REC started to become out of hand, which lead the Crown Court to issue statements, then finally issuing a Cease and desist order over the matter. We hope however though the newly appointed Minister of Finance, Lentheric can help restore faith in the regions' financial laws and funds. But the Bill he proposed 'Commonwealth Revenue Act" was opposed tooth and nail by many members. This led to the resignation by Lentheric as finance Minister and his exit from the region. He was invited back by Borduriaa into the region.


The Chancellor also showed great statesmanship by bringing a debate on a new concept: "defender imperialism" as the region was split in the middle on whether CoC should continue on it's track of agressive Imperialism. The debate on Imperialism spilled over to the RMB too and building a consensus, the Chancellor impressed on the REC to adopt a 'defender imperialism' whic sought to accomodate regions which voluntarily asked for aid or invited the CoC for military assistance.
Noted defender, Unibot III was also invited by Chancellor Alkoul to give his statement on the subject of "defender Imperialism" wherein he glady obliged.

The main issues of strong internal disagreement in the region were the issue of imperialism and the issue of taxes.

Membership Decline

Over the past few weeks, despite the best efforts of our team of recruiters the membership with in the region has been on a steady decline, the major problem of the decline is that many members are ceasing to exist and that the region each week finds it self with a population deficit. The new Secretary General Eastland Duchies, who is in charge of the internal affairs of the CoC is working with their appointed Minister of Recruitment Besate to find solutions to stem the tide of CTE'd and grow the region once more. Till the time of filing the report, our membership stood at 129, a deep fall from our maximum strength of 180+ members nine months back.

News from the House of Nobles:

The Commonwealth Revenue act was dumped after Lentheric, the proposer resigned. His succesor, Nouelle Calais, proposed the "Finance ministry Act" which was strongly debated by members. The difference in the interpretation of the bill led to a referal of the bill to the Supreme Court by Borduriaa for a decision on whether the Act was an amendment to the existing RRRA Act or a new legislation. As the Courts stalled, the bill is still languishing in the debate hall.

Elections to the 13th REC: Meanwhile Elections to the 13th REC has been declared with a plethora of candidates jumping into fray. Except Besate and KOPB, veteran CoC nations were conspicuos by their absence from the election arena.