I'll start with this one:

A guy visits the doctor. After examination the doctor says:
?So, we will have to cut one of your lungs out.

The guy is astonished and tells:
?But doctor, my lungs have always been great, I have never had any problems with them.
?I can see it myself. But your liver has no room anymore.


King Infuschein:
The South Pacific's forum.
Ouch, I hope there isn't any southener around

*looks around, then laughs*

OK, read this one:

?Seven to eleven times a week.
?No, no... I mean male or female?
?No difference, male, female, sometimes camel
?Holy cow!
?Yes, cow too, but also sheep, all kinds of animals.
?But isn't that hostile?
?Horse style, doggy style, free style, any style - you name it!
?Oh dear!
?No, no! Deer run too fast...