July/August Update

The New Galactic Empire July 2013 Foreign Update


Government List

High Government
Emperor: Darth Revan II
Empress: Aayla Fel
High Moff: Darth Radix II
Imperial Knight: The Doctor
Imperial Patriarch: Palpatine1986

Imperial Senate
Chancellor: Vaculatestar64
Representative: Kazan, Darth Treachorous

Supreme Court
Supreme Judge: Gray Army

Moff Council
Interim Moff of Foreign Affairs: Darth Radix II
Vice Moff of Foreign Affairs: vacant
Moff of War: Darth Tenebris
Vice Moff of War: Vacant
Interim Moff of Culture: The Doctor
Vice Moff of Culture: Marik Winters

Population: 109 Nations

Royal Family Update

The Emperor and Empress undertook a state visit to the United Kingdom in late July which included a state dinner followed with talks with HM King Edward IX and Prime Minister Astor. The Council of Peers has been formed, which is comprised of the nobility and will begin meetings as of August 2nd.

Senate Update

This has been a very active month for the legislature and under the leadership of Chancellor Vaculatestar with the passing of several pieces of very important legislation including the historical Senate Record Keeping and Hall of Fame Act which established the first ever hall of fame for retired government members and also required that all government departments keep track of the actual employment within the department. There was also a law passed totally reforming the economy and allowing privately owned businesses back into the economy. Yet another piece of historical piece of legislation the Education Reform Act was cow-written by Chancellor Vaculatestar and High Moff Darth Radix II which finally put into place a working education system to ensure that all future leaders of the Empire have the training they need to lead the Empire into further glory. A much needed piece of legislation was passed just recently that revamped the news system of the Empire by allowing private individuals to finally be able to own their own newspaper business instead of the government run Holonet from before. The much needed Citizenship Act written by Chancellor Vaculatestar which finally spelled out the process of becoming a citizen and all the rights and responsibilities of a citizen of the Empire.

Elections Coming Up!

With the quarter almost over thoughts are beginning to turn towards the election of the next Chancellor of the New Galactic Empire. With no real clear pool of candidates the incumbent Chancellor Vaculatestar has kept everyone guessing by not announcing either his intent to run or take a job on the Moff Council. He has just recently announced his plans to not run again.

Foreign Affairs Update

Expansion and management of the Foreign Affairs Department has been going well. The Interim Moff expects to begin training a Vice Moff by next month's Foreign Update. Overall activity is a little decreased due to the summer and the Interim Moff being away on vacation in Real Life.

War Update
Full department reforms are underway

However the Imperial Navy is still on long term deployment in Osiris and thus little else has been in production. Now with the end of that assignment War can move on and a participation Ribbon shall be handed out

Culture Update

The new Star Trek RP has been met with much success. With nearly a full crew, the voyages of the USS Rose Tyler will be on-going

The new RP, World: 1900 has had a very strong start and is immensely popular. Hopefully, it will have a long a prosperous future.

A new celebration for November is being planned. More will be announced soon.

Weekly RBM posts are once again being posted weekly.

Halloween and Labor Day celebrations are TBA.

Other Notes:

Thanks to a recent vote in the Senate, the Department of Imperial Justice has been dissolved due to inactivity and disuse. From now on, Justice will not be included in our Foreign Updates