TAR Regional Insider - July 2013


Looks like President TNR has been handling our embassy here, but he hasn't registered on our ambassador re-enlistment to handle TNP again. So, here's our most recent update. Enjoy!

Regional Insider - July 2013

by Delegate Obito

Current Administration:
President: The Northern Republic
Vice President & Defense: Icamera
WA Delegate: Obito
Secretary of State: Novumbega
Secretary of Treasury: Mytzonia
Attorney General: Imperium

The Supreme Court:
Chief Justice: Bacilli
Associate Justice: South Soul
Associate Justice: Lelvona

The Senate:
Seat 1: Andune
Seat 2: Free States
Seat 3: Monico
Seat 4: S-RS Meinhardt
Seat 5: Tatu Rama
Seat 6: Western Timpetotia
Seat 7: Conserlan
Seat 8: Trook
Seat 9: Ryfin

Political Parties:
Conservative Party - 31% of government officials
Affilitated Independents - 31% of government officials
United Left - 5% of government officials
Republican Party - 5% of government officials
Free Democratic Party - 5% of government officials
Independent (no party affiliation) - 15% of government officials

*Recent Happenings*

General Elections: Recently we had our General Elections, which included the election of the President, Delegate, and Senate. The Northern Republic, incumbent president defeated both Trook and Conserlan to win re-election as the President of TAR! Meanwhile, in the Delegate election, Obito, an accomplished senator ran an uncontested election to victory! The senate elections however proved to be not as smooth. Andune, Free States, and Mytzonia were all elected senators, though Mytzonia appointed a replacement when he was made Secretary of the Treasury. Monico now sits in for Mytzonia until the Midterm elections in July. There was then a runoff between S-RS Meinhardt, Sethanon, and Tatu Rama for the remaining 2 seats at stake. S-RS Meinhardt was elected during the first runoff, but a second runoff is required to decide who wins the final seat. The second runoff is between Sethanon and Tatu Rama, and is currently still ongoing.

Return of the Titans!: June was the month of returning stars, for The Allied Republics! Early in June, our former President Icamera returned from a 5 month long hiatus. Later in June, our former WA Delegate Monico returned from a 3 month long hiatus. A few days later, our former Speaker of the Senate and former presidential candidate Libertarian Washington returned from a 3 month hiatus. And finally, most recently, our former Chief Justice Crescellia returned from a 3 month long hiatus. All of which were welcomed with open arms as the region rejoiced in the return of our veterans!

A Great, but Not So Great Month of June: Although June was the joyous month of the return of many of our veteran members, some moments in June were not as easy going. Early in June our region faced internal strife when our home region of The Allied Republics split into two for a few days, during which time our founder had some disagreements with the elected government of The Allied Republics. Some nations decided to create their own region "New TAR" to rebel, but ultimately things were worked out between the two parties. A few weeks later, our region faced slight panic again when it was the victim of a one-person raid by a nation named "Nicosso" and his army of illegal WA puppets. They had raided the region one night, in hopes to create chaos, and nearly take control of the delegacy. Thankfully our Delegate, Obito, as well as a few other nations were online to put a stop to the raid. Delegate Obito banned and ejected the raiding nations, and had Founder Uciniple password protect the region. With the help of Delegate Obito, Founder Uciniple, and others: Novumbega, Monico, Libertarian Washington, and Britarvia, the region was saved from any possible further threat!

*International Message*

Obito, WA Delegate of The Allied Republics: "Ciao! Thank you for reading our monthly Regional Insider! As you can see in the *Recent Happenings*, my first week as WA Delegate of The Allied Republics has been very busy, but also very enjoyable! I'm very happy to be serving as The Allied Republics' leader of foreign affairs! Our ambassador program is active once again, and strong in man power. Activity within the region has also skyrocketed once again, which brings me joy, and brings our region prosperity. Over the next month or so, I plan to continue strengthening our ties with our embassy established regions, and I will also be looking for potential mergers. If you're an ambassador or delegate from another region and would like to contact me, please do not hesitate to send me a telegram! Ci vediamo!"

The Northern Republic, President of The Allied Republics: "Hello, I share the same enthusiasm with our Italian speaking Delegate for reading this issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine... oh, er... I mean the Regional Insider! The executive branch of TAR is operating under a new injection of energy in order to make a bigger impact on our own internal affairs, especially in light of recent legislative deadlock due to continuing run off elections for the Senate. I am ecstatic to be able to represent the region once again as TAR's President, and am even happier to finally be able to contribute to the Regional Insider! I would like to thank you, the reader, for taking time out of your day to listen to us weirdos talk about our region. Contact between regions is always necessary to maintain warm relations, and especially for our citizens to cross borders, so to speak, and earn friends and allies in other regions, which is very important to TAR's government and TAR's citizens. I would continue, but I don't want to bore you (too late?), and the Vice President is calling me, yelling about "THE ALIENS" again, so for now I'll say until next time! May I extend my sincere hope that your region too, is well."

Icamera, Vice President of The Allied Republics: "I am The Northern Republic's Vice President, partially because I wanted to get back into politics after taking a six-month hiatus from The Allied Republics, and partially because The Northern Republic secretly implanted a chip into my brain. Now that I've returned, I have resumed my intense recruitment efforts -- bringing in over 20 new members within only a couple of weeks, with even more on the way -- so we'll hopefully have a lot more new faces around TAR by next month! The President has also appointed me to the position of Secretary of Defense, from which I intend to initiate some major reforms to spur increased military participation and activity; for example, the re-opening of the Defense Council Military Academy to educate our troops. Our Senate elections have now finished, and we're looking forward to the rekindled progress by our legislative branch. Hope you'll hear more of us from Delegate Obito or one of our other ambassadors!"