After several actions from the founder of The Allied Republics that went against TAR law, and a final warning from the Judiciary of TAR, Uciniple, Founder of TAR, has now ejected the Delegate of The Allied Republics :facepalm: . In the case of such a thing happening, several members preemptively founded the region of New TAR, in a case of such a thing happening.
The Lifeblood of TAR, the forums, has so far been near absent from much opposition to the many nations whom are so far moving to New TAR,34 as of so far, and has received near no harassment from any supporters of the Uciniple despotism. So far, the government of TAR has been taking steps to recognize the move as legal, and are still maintaining that they are the legitimate government of TAR, in lieu of the Founder, and say he has been as of late showing complete contempt for regional law.
That's a very startling situation, and I hope your region gets through it. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.
Indeed haha. Thanks. The region itself is doing okay, for now. We're just trying to decide where we should direct everyone. Some people are actually displeased with the name "New TAR", and so we might just get another region. FAR, lol. Big leap, huh? We might wind up becoming the Federation of Allied Republics.

The best part about that would be that it is actually true--we are in talks with The World Directorate to federate with them.

So far, in the span of three days, 40/200 nations have left for New TAR, and three regions have begun to close embassies with TAR in favor of opening them with New TAR.
Why don't you guys just register the actual region TAR? It seems a lot easier than New TAR, and it actually suggests you guys are legitimate :P
Because I suppose we want to not be TAR, but at the same time, not be too..not TAR? Actually, we might wind up moving to another we claimed recently "FAR". (the Federation of Allied Republics. A much better name, most of us think).

Then again, things seem to be calming down. Personally, I still don't like our founder, and certainly don't trust him, but he is starting to negotiate a little bit with us.