May 2013 Update



With the onset of May , the Bordurian Chancellery completed it's tenure and elections were announced to the 3 member Regional Executive Council (REC) for the three posts of Chancellor, Secretary General and Speaker. The election saw wide participation of nations and resluted in the return of of the veteran Besate as the Chancellor, a new nation--Velykyy Ukraina as the Speaker and Antarctica Territories was announced elected unopposed.

The 10th Regional Executive Council:
Chancellor: Besate
Speaker: Velykyy Ukraina
Secretary General: The Antarctica Territories

The new cabinet announced by Chancellor Besate was mix of Youth and Experience.
Minister(Interior Affairs):Eastland Duchies
Minister(Foreign Affairs):BORDURIAA
Secretary(Justice):Kingdom of the Polar Bear
A lookup at the recent events:
With the ascension of Borduriaa to the helm of foreign affairs and the free hand provided to the foreign Minister for conducting the foreign Policy of CoC by the Chancellor, foreign policy saw a proactive turn.
A request for defense came from the delegate of Greece, a region plagued by war with Persia. Greece has been recently liberated after the Persian invader imposed barriers removed, which had witnessed the return of banjected Greek natives back to their homeland.
The Commonwealth of Crowns , with it's avowed policy of helping it's allies in times of need and in line with this policy, the Regional Executive Council of the Commonweath of Crowns unanimously agreed to send military forces to Greece for i't defense.
Troops from Borduriaa, Antarctica Territories, Noorderkwartier, Lentheric, and Velykyy Ukraina landed on the shors of Greece and endorsed the delegate to boost up the defenses.
As on date , the Greek delegate is gaining in influence and hence our primary objective of bolstering the delegacy was achieved. The Greeks have also acknowledged the effort of our nations in defending their motherland.

Greece's WFE also reflects this , in the words of their delegate, Nikolaus:

The Chancellor of the Commonwealth of Crowns has of course made it clear that CoC will maintain it's neutrality in the area of gameplay and only assist it's ally regions upon rerquested to do so.

ii) A mutual defense treaty was agreed upon by both the foreign Ministers of The Commonwealth of Crowns and fellow monarchist region, The Commonwealth of Kings. The treaty is expected to come into force after the Commonwealth REC endorses it.

iii) A surprise request for amnesty came from Wiendonia, a declared enemy of the region surrendering all it's claims to the colonies acquired by CoC , viz, Global federation of Nations, Global Alliance , United Coalition and The Federation of Kievan Rus. Wiendonia also requested entry into the CoC . The request , although supported by a few members and most notably by Wiendonia's most vocal opponent --The Antarctica Territories, was rejected by the Regional Executive Council.


i) Recruitment saw a slump with more nations CTEing ( including the vociferous leading nation, Belhorizon) than joining and we dropped behind the 190s. We expect more responses to our recruitment pleas in the days to come.

ii) Most importantly, the period saw the return of Osthia, the first founder of the region, back to it's fold.

Sayeram , the new Culture Minister was the pick of the lot amongst the new nations. His RP, Return of Dusk has been a hit and attarcting varied responses. Sayeram has also re-introduced the raffle back into CoC.


The election of BEsate as Chancellor, saw the annointment of Oberseewald as the Chief Justice. Elections to the vacant post of judge was also announced at the time of filing this report.


1. The Antarctica Territories introduced the "Commonwealth Army Act" which sought to create the military wing of CoC and a new Constitutional post of "Lord Protector General". This was hailed by many including Lentheric and Borduriaa as an epoch-making moment , despite notes of caution from veteran member, Imperial Yamea.

2. Imperial Yamea's legislation regarding No Confidence and censure Motion and Besate's bill changing the designationn of the Chancellor to "Supreme Chancellor" was declared Constitutional by the Secretary General during this period and moved for voting.