So, since TNP is really freaking huge, can anyone help me out with some of the basics I might need to know? Hopefully any future ambassador from TAR can use the answers I get as well.

Also, I have read your constitution. Interesting document, however if someone could explain it on a more human level, it would be vastly appreciated.
Pfft... Doing your job for you? Haha

I'll answer if you like, simply ask your questions here or PM me if you are worried you may be asking a stupid one. There, of course, is no such thing as a stupid question though.

I look forward to helping you, ambassador!
I never get in the way of:
1). An angry raccoon/ mother
2). An enemy who is hurting themselves (if anything, it is entertaining)
3). someone doing my job for me
;) I love it when my life is made easier. Thanks, I'll pm you. These question will likely at the very least start off kind of vague, hope you don't mind.