Regional Insider: The Allied Republics


The Allied Republics

"We are Allied, we are One"

Current Administration:

President: The Northern Republic
WA Delegate: The Rhein States
VP & Treasury: Imperium
Secretary of State: Lewis and Daniel
Secretary of Defense: Obito
Secretary of Culture: Britarvia
Attorney General: (Vacant)

The Supreme Court:

Chief Justice: (Vacant)
Associate Justice: Lehi
Associate Justice: South Soul

The Senate:

Seat 1: Free States(Speaker)
Seat 2: Trook
Seat 3: Sethanon
Seat 4: Saltpans
Seat 5: Pertui
Seat 6: (Vacant)
Seat 7: Obito
Seat 8: New Lafayette
Seat 9: (Vacant)
Seat 10: Ryfin
Seat 11: (Vacant)

*Recent Happenings*

General Elections: This week we had elections for President and Delegate. The Presidential Candidates were The Northern Republic and Lewis and Daniel. Both presidents had many ideas in common but The Northern Republic prevailed. Lewis and Daniel was held responsible for the inactivity in his Cabinet and the region.

The Delegate were even more interresting because there were only 2 candidates: The Rhein States against (DONT PICK THIS, I NEED TO PUT MORE THAN ONE CHOICE FOR THIS TO WORK.). Yes, there was only 1 person running for Delegate. Though DONT PICK THIS received 4 of the 17 votes which means this was the first time votes were given to someone who does not exist.

Senate elections are still being held though almost finished. It is that we almost know who are going to get a seat in the Senate. In total 5 seats of the 9 are being selected, the other 4 are in the by-elections at the end of May. Some of the nations who are getting a seat are German Shepherds, South Soul and the much discussed candidate Kevo. He has run for 3 elections and never won though now he will finally get a seat in the Senate.

TV Network: Something different from Election information and a boring text from the President and Delegate. TAR is getting its own TV Network. In the past we have had a Network but it was removed after its maker 'died'. Now Kevo has started with a new Network that hopefully is more profitable then the last one.

Greetings and Many Thanks for Reading,
The Rhein States,
WA Delegate of The Allied Republics

The Northern Republic
President of The Allied Republics

Citizens of TAR