[CRIMINAL] Complaint against Funkadelia


I'm aware that Funkadelia is not the only one doing so but accordingly I file this regardless.

Application for Filing of Charges:
Name of Complainant: Kiwi

Name(s) of Accused: Funkadelia

Date(s) of Alleged Offense(s): 29th April

Specific Offense(s): Treason

Relevant Excerpts from Legal Code or other Laws:
Chapter One of the Legal Code:
Section 1.1: Treason
2. "Treason" is defined as taking arms or providing material support to a group or region for the purpose of undermining or overthrowing the lawful government of The North Pacific or any of its treatied allies as governed by the Constitution.
3. Specifically, no player maintaining a nation in a region or organization at war with TNP may maintain a nation within TNP, or participate in the governance thereof, for the duration of hostilities.
4. At this time, there are no regions or organizations at war with TNP. At this time TNP is allied with Stargate, the South Pacific, Taijitu, International Democratic Union, Osiris and Equilism.
5. The Speaker will update the preceding clause as appropriate.
Summary of Events (What happened, in your own words): It is my understanding that Funkadelia is aiding Milograd in occupation as rogue delegate of TSP using his nation Funkadelia Enclave

Evidentiary Submissions:

Submission One:
Log from #tnp at GMT+12:
[15:13:08] <Kiwi> Funkadelia: I'm concerned.
[15:13:16] <Funkadelia> Hm?
[15:13:49] <Kiwi> Don't you realise that aiding Milograd is perhaps just a weee bit treason-like?
[15:14:30] <Funkadelia> If you'll convict me for treason for supporting the equality of the masses then so be it/
Submission Two
A post where Funkadelia himself confirms Funkadelia Enclave as his WA nation

Submission Three
Nation's happenings.

Comments: I am happy to answer any further questions. It is noteworthy that Funkadelia has also resigned from the NPA.
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Read and acknowledged by "a staff member." I don't think I can actually act on this without Gaspo directing me towards it first, but I'll see if I can get this somewhere.


Now that I'm done being a) sick, and b) having a girlfriend, I have time for such things again. The AG's office will continue to address complaints in the order received, as is policy.


I am thankful I no longer have b) and am instead enjoying the freedom of not feeling compelled to have a b).


Sorry to hear you lost b) :(

Was just making sure this hadn't got lost between the cracks, I'm sure you'll address it as soon as you can.

Thanks for the update.