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    Foreign Update I
    of the
    Duchy of Normandy

    The Current Norman Government

    HM The Duke - Frederick Augustus
    HRH The Hereditary Duke - William

    Prime Minister - FreeSoc
    Foreign Secretary - Kannap
    Internal Affairs Secretary - MD4
    Minister without Portfolio - Xubi

    Speaker of the House of Burgesses - Xubi
    Members of the House of Burgesses - FreeSoc, Kannap

    A Brief Outline of Normandy
    Normandy is an active and growing region themed around the historical Duchy of Normandy. It is led by a Duke, Frederick Augustus, who operates as a constitutional monarch, but the region is also home to a free and active democracy.

    Within the government, three main branches operate; the Cabinet, Court and House of Burgesses. With an elected Prime Minister and an elected House of Burgesses, which any citizen can run for, Normandy has a government which manages to combine efficiency with genuine representation of the citizenry.

    Furthermore, the region is also home (on our offsite forums, where most of its activity takes place) to various other communities, including role-players and discussions about real-life issues, culture and a spam-game community.

    Not only this, but Normandy is also expanding in various exciting new directions. A regional military has been formed, and plans are afoot for a new Norman Empire. Normandy, a relatively new region, is very much a hive of activity and diversity.

    Current Political Debates
    We've just resolved a particularly tough debate on recruiting. Last term the Burgesses had voted to reject the Recruiting Act (technically it failed because the vote was 1-1 and so no clear majority in favour), which was supported by both the Prime Minister and the Duke. This legislation was almost immediately re-proposed by the Prime Minister in the current session, and it was passed unanimously. The Recruiting Act gives the Duke the power to set a minimum number of recruitment telegrams per week, and it is hoped that in doing so the flow of new members into Normandy will be increased, whilst it will also give politicians a greater stake in the region.

    At the time of writing, a Criminal Justice Act is being debated before the House, and would essentially be a criminal code for Normandy. The draft has been around for a long time, but this is the first time it has been formally proposed. It would introduce a comprehensive list of crimes for the first time in the region, and will go a long way towards establishing the criminal law in a satisfactory way.

    Legislation Passed in the Last Month
    Last month has been a busy one for both the House of Burgesses and the Duke, here are the different pieces of legislation passed between late February and now.

    The Prime Ministerial Elections Act, which implements a two-round electoral system for the election of the Prime Minister. If no candidate gets a majority of the votes in round 1, then the two highest placed candidates will move on to a second round. (This was brought into force by the Prime Ministerial Elections Act (Commencement) Order)

    The Elections (Amendment) (No. 3) Order was issued following the court case mentioned above in which it was mentioned that there was no mechanism for removing an elected Prime Minister. This Order in Council means that the Duke can remove the PM from office.

    The Cultural Secretariat Order was issued to help stimulate the growth of regional RPs and discussions. The Hereditary Duke was appointed as Permanent Secretary in the Cultural Secretariat, which was established under the Department of Internal Affairs.

    Last, but not least, the House passed the Recruitment Act (see above for more information).

    The House of Burgesses passed the Second Amendment to the Constitution, which extended the term of the Prime Minister from one month to two month.

    Awards and Honours
    Three orders of merit were created by the Duke in the Honours Order. They are, in order of precedence:

    The Order of the Companions of Honour, awarded in a single class for outstanding services to Normandy.
    The Order of Normandy, awarded in five classes, for significant contributions to Normandy.
    The Order of the Golden Lion, awarded in five classes, for services to recruitment.

    So far, no orders of merit have been conferred.

    His Majesty also created three peerages in the Peerage of Normandy:
    The Dukedom of Orleans, for William, the Hereditary Duke of Normandy.
    The Dukedom of Aquitaine, for Aubrey, husband of the Hereditary Duke of Normandy.
    The Marquessate of Bourbon, for Alexander, husband of HRH The Princess Alicia.