March 2013 Update

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    Official Communique from the Commonwealth of Crowns ​


    In our most recent, democratic election, the Ninth Regional Executive Council came into being. This was a truly historic election: we had the highest voter turnout ever that reached over 37 participant nations,who picked between numerous qualified candidates running for each position. When the ballots were counted, Borduriaa was elected as our Chancellor; Noorderkwartier was elected as our Secretary-General, and Gennomia was elected as our Speaker. In this election, several cabinet positions were reconstituted and filled, which vastly expands our efficiency in dealing governmental operations.

    The 9th REC:

    (The Triumvirate)
    Lord Chancellor-Delegate: Borduriaa
    Lord Secretary General: Noorderkwartier
    Lord Speaker: Gennomia



    Minister(Foreign Affairs): Wyethalania
    Minister(Defense): Vetega
    Minister(Internal Affairs) and Prosecutor General: Antarctica territories
    Minsiter( Finance): Lentheric
    Minister(Culture): Alkoul
    Secretary (Immigration): Rosko
    Foreign Secretaries : Morvum, Momotsuu

    Regional Growth:

    This election came on the heels of unprecedented growth for the region, thanks to the almost single handed effort and dedication of Noorderkwartier. Our member nations increased by over fifty nations over the last few months. This was fostered by the implementation of rather advantageous recruiting mechanisms supported by the recent merger with the Organization of Independent States , had earlier evolved from the ILN, a region formed by CoC stalwarts. We hope to reach our population goal of 200 within a reasonably short amount of time. With such stalwart activity coursing through our regional veins, we shall endeavor to always remain what we are while seeking
    to become closer to what we ought.


    Speaking of which, numerous bills have recently passed through our Crown Assembly cementing and synergizing our way of living. To name a few, The Eligibility Criteria (Amendment Bill) , which stipulates nations running for the Regional Executive Council will no longer be discriminated by population but by regional residency, ensures we have the most dedicated members running for the REC; there is also the Monarchial Government Violation Act, which is at vote and provides channels through which non-monarchial governments may be dealt with legally within the CoC, safeguards our regional customs.

    Role Plays:

    In March 2013, We entered the realm of Sports RP thanks to the efforts of our new Culture Minister, Alkoul and these has been extremely successful .Many a RP is presently active in the forums of our region. the notable ones are CCAF Cup, Rugby Cupe ,CoC Champions League.
    After the completion of the epic War RP on the Vetegan War (The fallout) ,other Political Roleplays have become immensely popular, the foremost being The Fall of Heroes ,the Beginning of the Storm,The official Hunger Games,Space: the final frontier etc.

    Thank you!