North Pacific Army & Raiding/Defending

Raiding/Defending and North Pacific Army

Join the North Pacific Army here to experience one of the most exciting aspects of NationStates!
What is this "raiding/defending game" I keep hearing of?
A new player to NationStates could be forgiven for mistaking talk of R/D for the real world "Research and Development" but as the question suggests, this is about raiding and defending. In NationStates players are allowed one World Assembly (WA) nation and using that nation they can endorse any nation in the region, with the nation receiving the most endorsements becoming delegate. The WA delegate mechanic enables a kind of warfare game, which comprises two broad types of operations. Raiding is the act of a group of players moving their WA nations to a region and endorsing a given candidate to seize the delegacy. Defending is the act of a group of players using their WA nations to prevent such a delegacy seizure, or restore the previous delegate.

So how can I partake in this?
There are many well known defending and raiding organizations that you can choose to take part in, which brings us to question three.

What is the North Pacific Army and why do we need it?
The North Pacific Army (or NPA) is the regional army of our fine region which takes part in both raiding and defending operations, as required by the region's interests. We welcome anyone who wants to join in whatever capacity they are able to. Currently, the NPA is one of the largest and strongest military forces in NS. With an active set of experienced, dedicated commanders, as well as excellent policies (one military policy and the rank system), The North Pacific has the best, most elite military.

How do I join the North Pacific Army?
Simply register on our regional forums and fill out the application form here.

How do these missions work and what do I need to do in a mission?
This depends greatly on what force you wish to join. The NPA as a military body has several functions and if you wish to join, you can choose what sort of role you wish to take:
  • The Auxiliary or Pilers - Nationstates updates two times a day (these two updates are known as minor and major) and during these periods every nation in a region has their endorsments calculated and the nation with the highest number of endorsements is made the WA delegate. Pilers do not have to be around during either update but rather need only check their email, forum PMs or nation telegrams to check if they need to move and reinforce a position during any given time. The benefit of being part of this crosssection is that you are not required to be online at update and will be given a rank. It is notable that you will not gain promotions as fast as the second force, the updaters.
  • Special Forces or Updaters - Updaters as mentioned above, are required to be online close to update so that they might move into a region at a given time. It is also generally a requirement that updaters have access to IRC or Skype(optional) which is easily achieved by visting the link at the top of the forums. Updaters will be promoted much faster than the Auxiliary and are also considered to be members the Auxiliary.
Note that by being a member of the NPA, you will be required to create additional nations (puppets), transfer your WA membership from your main nation to those puppets, and move the puppets to other regions.

What are the ranks of the North Pacific Army?
Ranks of The North Pacific Army

The North Pacific Army (NPA) uses a rank system to show seniority and experience in raiding and defending. Promotions are based on being active and taking part in missions/operations.

*The Chief of Staff is not a rank, It is a position a NPA member is given by the Minister of Defense.

High Command Officers should be extraordinarily experienced, loyal, and knowledgeable personnel. They will have demonstrated exceptional leadership and success in leading multiple missions as Officers. High Command Officers may be assigned to lead Divisions of the NPA.

General (GEN)

Officers: Enlisted Personnel should be promoted to officer rank when they have been successful in multiple missions, exercised leadership among their peers, and demonstrated loyalty to the NPA and knowledge of its rules and regulations. Officers are eligible to lead missions with permission of the High Command.

Colonel (COL)

Major (MAJ)

Captain (CPT)

Lieutenant (LTN)

Enlisted Personnel: Except with special permission of the Minister of Defense, all personnel begin their service in the NPA at the rank of Private.

Sergeant (SGT)

Corporal (CPL)

Private First Class (PFC)

Private (PVT)

My question isn't here. What do I do?
You can find more information in this thread on the North Pacific forum or by contacting the Minister of Defence.

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Is there only a certain rank that The Auxiliary can reach, or is it just they gain ranks slower?

Can you telegram an answer?