The Magazine of Ashir

1. Ashir was a young man, who wanted to be free from the grips of Maxx's plagues.
Many people were dieing from these horrible curses which Maxx has set upon thee.
Ashir who was a fuckwit was the first to inhale the lethal fumes of despression. He died instantly...
2. Ashir laid dead on the cheese of already been melted. Flemigovia came from the sky to seek Ashir.

"Why my son? Why have you inhaled lethal air of depression? Answer me!"
Ashir lifted his head ever so slowly and said " Flemigovia is that you?"
"Of course its me... Answer my question son and I will return your life."
"Really are you sure your flemigovia because you look alot fatter in real life?"
"Oh My Me! Your dieing here. Maxx has poisoned humanity and the last hope is for you to build an box!"
"Woah woah there wannabe flemigovia. See here I am not a builder. My hands seek tools of well... Shiney material like... Bright hard stuff. I can not waist my time building a box for years. Where am I going to get the materials?"
"Your materials are nature. Your task is to get 2 out of every 3 hot ladies into your box. A storm is coming. I dont know about the damage it may bring but its gonna be big."
"What about my neighboors they are just gonna look at me like im crazy while I build this box. I know Jahid is gonna be all like yo dude what the fuckwit you doing your like building a box man."
"One Jahid does not speak in such a manner. Now for number two i must take a number two."
3. As Flemigovia leaves, Ashir rises and is healed. He sets off cutting down woods and colleting nails. He thinks to himselfs how he is going to build the damn box with no directions. He figures out a plan. He takes out duck tape, which is great for everything and he ducktapes four large slabs of wood together.
"Now I must set of to find the ladies."
Ashir takes his friend Crakle and his chicken scrodle with him. They reach a cave and Ashir makes out a rock that might have wrighting on it. "Look over here its a stone, but it has a message from the great god flemigovia."
"Whats does it direct?"
"It says in this cave lays 69 girls. Pick 42 to take with you on your journey."
Ashir with no hesitation moves into the cave.

He bellowed with a deep voice." 42 of you shall rise and come with me."
The girls did not fidget or blinked. He then took the stones out, which began to shine.
Suddenly Flemigovia's voice shouted through the tablets. "She that does not follow will be punished."
All girls rise. Ashir looks at sky and screams "player"
4. They rush back to town where it all began. Only to find Maxx taking a piss on the world creating a storm. "Into the box I have forged now! We must escape the rain and the flood."
They did not make it since Ashir did not make a bottom for the box.