A Letter from the Capitalis de Societate



A Letter from the Capitalis de Societate of The United Defenders League,

<OrangeRock> Is Unibot III on?
<Carta> No, only Unibot is here.

*sniggers*. Thanks for the introduction, Carta. It has been a relatively quiet week on the battlefield for The United Defenders League, so a lot of our work this week has been administrative activities (sekrits), which I cannot fully disclose – honestly it’s been pretty busy, I have already enjoyed a nice 1 – 6 PM power-nap (bot re-generation). Although we did liberate CrazyKids and additionally, United Kingdom of Britain and Ireland against the Brotherhood of Malice. Participants of the latter liberation received this colorful little military ribbon:


Some major victories on the battlefield were also secured against The Black Riders and The Brotherhood of Malice, which are mentioned in The Sherwood Post’s articles, The Black Riders Ridden Out of Town and It's Been A Hard Day's Night!. The Sherwood What?? Yes, that’s right, we have replaced the old Office of the Press Secretary with The Sherwood Post so that no one person will ever again have to face the collective fury of the angry editorials. NO MORE PLEASE! Another good article while we’re on the subject was a speech released recently by Lieutenants, Earth and Sovreignry entitled The Servants of Good which, I know, got us all motivated for the coming month.

Also noteworthy from those articles is the intercepted refound of Ether which ended a fifty-two day occupation for The Black Riders in failure; cue the partisan raider response regarding how the actual end goal was to lose the refound. MIND BLOWN. Lieutenant Earth caught the refound (and cheered quite loudly). We’re still in the process of handing off the region to the existing natives, all in good time.

<Johz> "<Bel> Midas s***s gold, Uni s***'s WA's :P" <-- This is true. The key issue is cleaning them up and explaining to them how they ended up in Uni's gut in the first place.

Hehe, we’re happy to be able to say that my gut is the golden goose that keeps giving. North Wiedna has returned to the Greenwood Band! But other members who have joined this week include United Federation of Canada, Pretty Awesome Persons, Nouvelle Navarre, Levivania, The Inevitable Syndicate, The Northeast, Ceannairceach, Hemenster and New Andureo! Welcome to The United Defenders League, gentlemen, I know you’ll do excellent. *salutes*

Out of that list, The Inevitable Syndicate snagged a Monthly Award, but Arcomo got the coveted Newcomer Award. Also Hileville received the Best Liberator of the Month Award, which is his first award with us I believe, so congratulations to him as well! You can see a list of the rest of the Monthly Award Winners here. However, Milograd has approached our members about a possible new Monthly Award entitled the “Milo of the Month Award" to “be presented to whoever did the best job at being Milo over the course of a month”. Administrative deliberations are still in progress for said award but I suspect it’ll get put in a backlog behind the “Ravania and Johz of the Month Award” for most adorable dynamic duo.

Lieutenant Earth received the Chief’s Award for putting a lot of work into a rather extensive overhaul of our counter-intelligence systems. Absolutely no one on the staff –at all– is envious of Lieutenant Earth for having the opportunity to do this. Earth makes the …world …. go around!

* Herrebrugh has joined #udl
<@Unibot> Hi!
<@Unibot> :)
<Herrebrugh> Bonjour :P
<+Riemstagrad> dag herrebrugh, hoe gaat het ermee?
<Herrebrugh> Goed hoor, met jou? ;P
<@Unibot> Do you two ….know each other? :p

Apparently they did know each other, actually. Ah diplomacy – what strange people and foreign tongues you bring to our humble IRC channel. Our diplomatic core has been hard at work, pursuing our foreign affairs agenda. If you haven’t heard yet, Drakkengard, a respected and just absolutely lovely member of The East Pacific, has taken on the position of Vice Chief of Feeder and Sinker Affairs and has been full of bright ideas – Chief Hilleville and I welcome him to the team. I couldn’t ask for a more experienced and respected diplomatic presence in the feeder communities. Meanwhile, Chief Bazlantis organized the first cabinet meeting between his foreign affairs attachés last week before sending them on their merry way to scour NationStates.

On a few final notes, Movie Night is going to occur Saturday, February 9 at 7:30 PM EST, next week on our military IRC channel (#udl). I have absolutely no idea what the movie will be, but I don’t think we ever got to watch “Hook”, so maybe we’ll watch that. Moreover, Lieutenant Ravania has been sick with the flu and we wish our Busy little Beaver well.

Alrighty, thanks for reading; here’s your Moment of Zen:

<Solm> Unibot is just a figure head nowadays
<Asta> Nah, Elu is chief.
<Solm> Ravania runs everything behind the scenes
<Earth> why the f*** would Unibot be the public face?
<Earth> like honest to god


02 February 2013

The two endorsements's that made the difference:

33 minutes ago: The Derrak Quadrant was endorsed by The Zombies of Land filled with People.
33 minutes ago: The Derrak Quadrant was endorsed by The Republic of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys.

UDL and TITO. Nice job, Unibot and Land Filled with People!

- Staff Reporter, The Sherwood Post.

Just two things:

1. I'd like to invite EVERYONE to the UDL Military Channel (#udl on Espernet) for Movie Night; tonight at 7:30 PM EST. No idea what the movie will be yet (I've heard "Hook" as a suggestion). Movie Night is where we all watch a film at the same time and comment in the channel -- it's quite fun. Highly Recommended.


2. If you're interested, you may enjoy this speech that I just presented our merrymen yesterday, entitled "Common-Sense Ethics".

- Uni