Jan 2013 Election Update

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    It's been a great journey this month for the Commonwealth of Crowns.

    Elections to the 8th Regional Executive Councils were held amidst stiff challenges and healthy competition. The United Kingdom of Lentheric and the Empire of Besate were locked in a stiff fight for the post of the powerful and coveted Chancellery. likewise, Imperial Yamea's second time bid for the Speaker's post was challenged by GuatemalaCity.

    The results for the REC Elections were as follows:-

    Chancellor-WA delegate: United Kingdom of Lentheric
    Speaker: Imperial Yamea
    Secretary General: Jewish-Polish Empire

    Celebrations in the Regional Capital-The Crowns Island were on in full swing for the past few days and the Lentheric monarch, HRH Queen Alexis Lutheran addressed the CoC citizens.
    The following was the text of the new Chancellor's speech after taking the oath of allegiance:

    A new Cabinet was also appointed and sworn in by Lentheric . The ministers are:

    Minister of Defence and Internal Affairs::Churchilland
    Minister of Finance: GuatemalaCity
    Minister of Foreign Affairs: BORDURIAA
    Minister of Justice: Gennomia
    Minister of Culture: Besate
    Secy(Immigration): Noorderkwartier
    Dy. Speaker: Helladria

    The new Chancellor has laid stress on spreading the influence of the CoC and establishing long lasting relationships with like minded regions , while expanding it's membership and engaging in new RPs.
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    Thanks for the update Bordu ^_^