Happy New Year TNPers!


Hi and best wishes to everyone!

After spending a few days searching the world for the best region ever, it became quite clear that this is the place to be! :winner: So here's my little introduction:

Nickname?: Linkiton, Linky, hey mate
Main Nation?: The Community of Linkiton
Home Region?: I come from The East Pacific (moved to TNP yesterday)
Military Alignment? Are you active militarily?: No no no :no:
RL Country?: France but moving a lot (Oceania and USA recently)
Favourite Colour?: Sky blue! :3
Do you use IRC?: Not before today, but it looks cool ("Iro is a god" is what I learnt from IRC today).
Political Ideology? Liberal, Conservative, Anarchist, do you care?: I guess more Liberal.
Do you enjoy Roleplay or games? Yes when RL gives me enough time to really dive into it for a couple of hours.

Nice to meet you all!
PS: I love the snowflakes on the forum. I want to catch them all. :) Next step: 3-D snowflakes that come out of the screen.