Most imaginative way to kill Blue Wolf


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This is a fun thread. Think of the way to kill the most lovable and patriotic Blue Wolf

Personally I think boiling him in a cup of hot chocolate, and then putting him through a mincer might just be enough to do the job
1. Supply le Wolf with deadly quantities of booze.
2. Observe hilarity.
3. Weep at funeral.
4. Take care not to hoist self on own petard at wake.
Hence one has to take care not to hoist oneself on one's own petard and not die of alcohol poisoning at the wake :P
1. Capture a lion and wrap it in a box.
2. Give the present to Blue Wolf.
3. Watch as he opens it and then laugh as the lion attacks Blue Wolf.
4. ???????

Also, don't forget a tranquilizer when the lion finishes attacking Blue Wolf... you'll be next if not.
Such good ideas.

Another idea I had is to banject him to The Rejected Realms where he will be consumed by the Delegate their. Apparently he likes to collect souls.
1. Take Unibot and Blue Wolf on a walk in the woods.
2. Come to a cliff above the river.
3. Tell Unibot that TITO would play nice if he got rid of Blue Wolf.