NPA takes Warzones!


TNP Nation
The North Pacific Army had a busy minor update

We sailed across the sea to claim Warzone Asia, from OBI forces. Prince_Windsor led the attack, followed by Isimud, Kogvuron, Peoples Empire, Gladio and Govindia. Govindia was the only nation to be banned from the region, but Prince Windsor was successfully elected delegate. Prince Windsor, quickly unbanned Govindia and banned the previous Delegate and her endorsers.

Following that our forces marched through the desert, with Kogvuron, Gladio and Isimud claiming Warzone Africa for The North Pacific Army as well.

Finally, we decided to claim Warzone Sandbox as well. Thank you to Gladio and Kogvuron for that mission. As it stands, we have WA status in Warzone Asia and Sandbox, but still maintain Delegate controls to Warzone Africa. All-in-all a good night, of harmless fun.

Congratulations to all involved. I need assistance creating some military ribbons, if anybody knows how to do this, please get in contact with me!

General Mcmasterdonia
Minister for Defence