Regional Assembly Procedural Rules

Security Council Rule 1.

When a quorum of Council members appear with respect to a particular matter, and the Speaker, as the chair of the Council has not yet appeared, that member with the longest tenure of service on the Council who has appeared shall act as the chair pro tempore for that discussion until the Speaker is present.

Security Council Rule 2.

The following officials may have access to the closed deliberations of the Security Council when their participation is relevant to a matter under discussion, without further action by the Council:
The Prime Minister
The Minister of External Affairs
The Minister of Defense
The UN Delegate
The UN Vice Delegate
A designated representative of The North Pacific Army or the North Pacific Intelligence Agency.
Other persons may be authorized by the Council to participate in closed proceedings of the Security when their presence is relevant to a matter under discussion, as approved by the Council.

Security Council Rule 3.

In the event of a vacancy on the Council whether due to resignation, ineligibility, or other cause, the vacant seats shall be filled for the remainder of the term of office by means of a special election in the Regional Assembly. The election shall be organized by the Speaker as expeditiously as possible, but the period for nominations shall not exceed 48 hours, and the period for voting shall not exceed 72 hours, commencing within 24 hours after the vacancy occurs. A plurality of the votes cast shall be necessary for election