"Ban of Unendorse FEC" discussion

Seriously. By banning "Unendorse FEC", what do we hope to gain?

Frankly, I would also greatly appreciate it if someone could point me to what violation Unendorse FEC has committed. My last scan through the Legal Code and Constitution (it's very long :() has netted nothing.
People will say they are a danger to regional security.
The problem is that they have attempted nothing more than speech (which is protected under the Constitution). If we could link this particular unendorsement campaign with the greater war that The Lexicon is waging, then I daresay that there's quite an argument to be made for kickbanning him on account of him acting as an agent to a known enemy. However, I have seen no evidence that would support that assertion.

I just simply have a problem with this "slippery slope" that it appears we're on.