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    Now by now, I’m sure many of you have heard about our Constitution. It is chided in the OOC forums, browbeaten by many a Regional Assembly member, and a source of much wonder, amazement, frustration, and confusion for all new players (and some older ones too.) While it remains a shining pinnacle of stability and freedom for a region scarred by war and strife, let’s not kid ourselves; it’s over-written with staid baffling language that’s as interesting as a hairy midget in drag. You know it bears much dignity and importance but it’s uncannily ugly and you just can’t seem to look away. As Minister of Justice, I’ve taken the task of attempting to make sense of this maze of legalese for a people wanting to just skim through it (or in other words read it without the fear of entering a coma.)

    So what’s different between this version and Hers? Well, Hersfold took the honourable task of trying to explain every aspect of our Constitution, the how and why, while taking time to work in a beautiful message of our region’s spirit of diversity, freedom, and inclusiveness to continue despite the smouldering war scarred setting it was drafted in. Ironically, the original Dummy version was not only longer than the original document but covered four different topics!! My version is dumbed down, lacking in poignancy with lots of unsuccessful attempts at humour. That’s the key difference in style; Hersfold is funny, I just try to be.

    Now to cover the three most obvious questions: Why not have a Constitution that’s not filled with a sinister legalese, that depends on bourgeois white collars to make sense of it for us? What’s up with the paranoia? From what I can see, all the Regional Assembly seems to try to do is change and alter the constitution to fit their agenda so how is this document really ubiquitous or essential if it’s only a rag that’s constantly being altered to keep up with the times? And hey wait, why should I trust you to tell me my rights? Aren’t you a Post-Left Anarchist with a name filled with drug innuendos, wasting everyone’s time and patience with kooky ideas, and a vision of the past based on your anti-establishment ideology?

    Well the reason why the language is so mind-numbing is because of the increased role of accountability; like the law in real life, the language is air-tight as to avoid loopholes, abuse, misinterpretation, and to provide the equality of justice and law to all citizens. Much of the detail was crafted by our resident senior jurist Grosseschnauzer, who should be applauded for his trademarked eloquent posts (even the ones where you have no idea what the hell he’s saying.) The other key aspect of the constitution is PARANOIA, this constitution is revolutionary by North Pacific standards by not only outlining the roles of any person who hold any amount of power but how they should take power, the conditions for thinking of taking a position of power, what they should do if they’re confused with what to do once they’ve taken power, how to tie your shoelaces while holding power, and what to do if you’ve lost the power somewhere in that mess you call a bedroom. The history of the North Pacific is a portrait devoted to diversity with splashes of horrible dictatorial rule by people who slipped under our noses, took over the region while the rest of us were arguing whether what the tyrant did was legally bad or illegally bad. A constitution is a tricky thing to do right, some countries don’t even bother but the goal is always to cement our core values forever while remaining a living embodiment of our ideals. That’s why it’s always being amended by the Regional Assembly, to keep up with the times if you will. Only not in that ever freakish Madonna way.
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    Well lets start by marveling over the use of the word "cognizant"... wow, really just wow. Like the word Ubiquitous, we've all heard it and have a vague sense of what it means but can never really work it into a sentence so with awe-inspiring grace that word just pops out of that sentence to destroy our already faltering attention span but I digress. Cognizant/conscious of our core values being justice, security, democratic regional leadership, and national sovereignty, we also recognize that this document is one that reflects our changing hormonal societal (and sometimes stinky) attitudes. Last but not least, it's a game!! Sure the moment calls for an angry snide remark but in the long run it's a game and lets remember that, leave the nasty ostracization for the Pacific.

    1) No one can order you to follow their commands on issues or order you to vote or participate within the United Nation.
    2) All public officials are required to do their best for the citizens. If for any reason, your elected official is not satisfactory then please feel free to make a petition. Please have your petition in store-bought condition and proof of purchase. Free speech (though we're all really typing not speaking), free press, and free expression of religion is the norm and public officials (through sections of cabinet) are even required to encourage this! Remember this section if you ever feel like asking a stupid question!!
    3) Sorry Wiz but activity clauses are illegal and UN membership should have nothing to do with regional government activity! For those smart-buts about to add in a snide remark about Defense, membership within the intelligence does not require UN membership.
    4) Your endorsement is important and sacred, so use it wisely and never out of fear!
    5) No the chain of command is not a chain that Flem will beat you with if you don't follow his commands! (Serenity joke) If you feel anybody in government has wronged you in anyway, you may request impeachment procedings as long as the offence is something the constitution says is wrong. So yeah, Hers stepping mud onto your Pumas or that one wild drunken bar fight with Ator doesn't count.
    6) No one can be charged of a crime not outlined in the Constitution or legal code or be charged twice under the same crime. And they can't incriminate themselves. So you sleeping with your sister might not sit well in my stomach but I can't charge you for it.
    7) Everyone is guaranteed a just and open trial, to be considered innocent until proven guilty, and a lawyer of their choosing. Also, the punishment should fit the crime. Being a day late in saying your oath of office and condemned to watching a marathon of every Paulie Shore movie in existence is a big no no!
    8) If the delegate bans anyone, they need express permission from a whole slew of people and if they don't bother to ask then we'll be on them like stink on shit.
    9) Everyone in the region is guarateed a government that is accountable, democratic, and openess. No one is to be denied the right to be heard, ignored, and to wear spandex during court proceedings.
    10) Everyone is covered under the same law, no OJ Simpson stuff here.
    11) No can ignore or declare this invalid unless given the express consent by the region.

    To be a citizen you must:
    1) follow the Constitution
    2) not go Tanya Harding on another nation
    3) not be involved with Angelina Jolie after she so screwed over Rachael from Friends!
    4) and not in any way or in any fashion do anything to support or suggest or involves the use of CLOWNS! Because. Clowns. Scare. Us.

    To be a citizen, you have to join the Regional Assembly and who takes care of the registration?
    1) The Minister of Immigration and Internal Affairs!! With help from the Prime Minister and Off-Site Administrators.
    2) If you follow everything I've said before, then you can join the Regional Assembly. Do that by simply posting in the membership thread of the Immigration section and follow the instructions, now cavity search free!!
    3) In your request, you must take the oath.
    4) The people in charge of registration have the right to investigate your application within the realm of rights given to you by the Constitution and the Legal Code. Remember, no proxy servers!
    5) Members names will be published and membership will be sorted out soon or your money back!
    6) The MoIIA must have valid proof to deny your application and should you leave or be banned from the RA then you are allowed to try again.

    1) Your right to vote is held as sacred as others, despite your admission of harbouring clowns.
    2) All elected officials are to make decisions with the people in mind, if you feel their decisions do not meet your standards or is so finger licking good that it should be made law, you can petition the decision, let cabinet decide if it is agreeable then let the region decide with a vote.
    3) No can change the location of the forum without a majority vote saying so.

    A) The region may be involved in political, diplomatic, or military entanglements as long as they conform with the law.
    B) Cabinet can decide to approve, decline, or change treaties while the Regional Assembly just gets to say yes or no.
    C) Any other relationships we want to have can be outlined and legislated into the Legal Code.
    D) Treaties we decide we want go into will be in the Legal Code.
    E) Consulates and embassies also fall under the Legal Code.
    F) Negotiators get to decide what the RA gets to vote on.

    Stay tuned for more!!
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    This section covers the election of all the listed positions of power, basically every elected office but judges and beauty queens.

    The following section recognizes that this forum as the only place acceptable to hold an election while outlining the length of terms for each position excluding members of the judiciary and American Idol contestants. Cabinet positions including the Speaker and members of the the Security Council can only serve for a term of three months before facing an election, set every Feb, May, August, and November. Voting times last seven days by GMT times with run-offs held three to seven days after the general election, thereby ten to sixteen days after voting commences. Terms end after the certificate of results are published.

    Only nations who are members of the Regional Assembly may vote, your nation must reside in the North Pacific with soldiers and intelligent operatives excluded. You may vote with or without UN membership but you are allowed only one vote per person.

    You can only vote if you were registered before the voting times took place.

    General elections are not required to adhere to quorums, where a minimum of twenty votes or ten percent of the general population has participated (whichever is higher.)

    Candidates must not have served over two terms in a year or four terms in the past two years.

    The positions about to be described are considered Cabinet level positions where they are allowed one vote in Cabinet decisions, control over their respective ministries, and are responsible for the duties also soon to be outlined. However the positions of UN Delegate and Vice Delegate are excluded from having Cabinet powers though are still restricted by Cabinet term limits.

    Delegates assume power through elections though they are our figureheads they are mainly responsible for sitting and looking pretty rather than ruling us with an iron grip. Should circumstances lead to a situation where the Delegate cannot perform his/her duties then the Vice Del will take over.

    These rules are specifically outlined to curb rogue dictator like tendencies, obviously the Delegate must: serve the constitution, hand over the position to the next person awarded through elections under the terms set out in the Constitution, and follow the wishes of the region on UN resolutions. However the Delegate is allowed to vote by their conscience when approving UN proposals in quorums (prospective laws hoping to get the chance of an UN wide vote.)

    The Delegate holds the sole authority of messages in the World Factbook Entry for the North Pacific and must vote on UN resolutions representative of the majority opinion expressed publicly in the UN section of the forum.

    EDIT - thanks for the save, schnauzer!
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    Once again the Delegates are not allowed a Cabinet vote but are allowed to be in the discussion. In the event of a tie within a run-off vote, the Delegate casts the tie-breaking vote only for the elections for the Vice Del, and other Cabinet positions. However in the election for the Delegacy, the majority consent of Cabinet will decide the election. These safeguards are in place to avoid countless run-offs. (Special thanks to schnauzers)

    This is yet another display of the lingering bitterness from our rocky past, the delegates have absolutely no right to dictate, order, go to the washroom, and/or basically do anything that is not Constitutionally provided in respects to the Regional Government. Though further powers may be granted by amendments to the Constitution, the following passage is the line in the sand which rests ultimate legal and political authority within the elected members of Cabinet. Last but not least, any changes involving the role of delegates must be ratified within the Constitution since amendments must recieve two-thirds support rather than the standard 50+1% of enacting bills into the Legal Code.

    The following outlines the duties and responsibilities of the Vice Delegate, like having the second highest endorsement count, the power to assume the delegacy with the approval of the Security Council if the Delegate becomes inactive or postal, and the right to take any "necessary action" (spoken in a cold Remington Steele impersonation) if the Delegate loses the confidence of the region and/or to relinquish the Delegacy if so demanded.

    This is a description of the basic duties and powers of the Prime Minister, following Parliamentary tradition, this office is a fusion of both executive and legislative powers. The first among equals, if you may. This passage outlines the leadership role expected of the PM but under a closer look, is severely lacking in overall responsibilities compared to other ministries. One would argue that even the Minister of Arts and Entertainment has more to do on any given day. But lets continue...

    Procedures in the event of an AWOL or deposed Prime Minister are: a nominated replacement candidate selected by Cabinet, who must follow all the standard terms of elligibility, and is in no way expected to be released from any the standard restrictions regarding the position of the Prime Minister. Until the candidate is confirmed by a referendum vote, the Cabinet will assume the duties and responsibilities through 50+1% votes on each decision.

    Finally we see what being Prime Minister is really about, the PM appoints the shadowy director, reviews the information gathered, and duly elected to be the sole protector of the region's strategic interests.

    In my own experiences, the role of the Prime Minister is much more than what is written here. A position defined more by customs and conventions, a leadership role binding not just the failings of Cabinet but failings of the Constitution and the region as a whole. Ignoring game dynamics where this document is only valid at the whim of the Delegate, the Prime Minister holds the most powerful position in all of the North Pacific Government. With each cabinet minister confined to their respective areas, pursuing their own and frequently overlapping agendas; the Prime Minister's unsaid role is combining them all with the lively legislation from the Regional Assembly into one cohesive movement and vision. I feel that without a Prime Minister, activity would severely drop coupled with factioning of many fragmented agendas. Warring bureaucratic offices and the restless RA members wildly denouncing the government as a whole.

    The North Pacific is a region of great diversity and acceptance, some of what I see in Canada I see in here. We have members from every cross-section of Nationstates. Calling this great region home, a place of safety and liberty. How else are we so burdened with rogue-delegates? We have prominent citizens from the ADN to the most notorious of raiders (Blue Wolf, since I've joined the NPA you've completely changed my outlook on invaders) to former NPO members to isolationist and ignorant natives (me) to the very citizens who used to rule us with venal ruthlessness. Obviously we all have differing values and outlooks but what's not obvious is that our government can accept these people as equals and not fall into disarray. The Prime Minister is like a funnel, the great surge of beer swishes at great undeniable speed but despite it all, all of our supposed grave disagreements; each and everyone us, through our differences, pour into a North Pacific that is a better stronger slightly more drunk region. Able to weather the largest of ideological divides, a welcome home to sworn enemies, and always a place where people from all kinds of political persuasions co-exist peacefully in being treated equally by our differences. What divides us can never break our shared belief in one and only one thing: we are all North Pacificans.
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    Art 3.3

    a) The MoIIA's duty is to reach out to new nations within the North Pacific and to properly introduce them to our endless facets.
    b) First they're all smiles and helpful, then they're watching your every move and compiling a database about your winks, farts, and but scratching. Let it be known, if you fart illegally, this minister'll be on it like THAT.
    c) This minister is the one to go to when looking to apply for citizenship (basically, joining the Regional Assembly) while keeping a watchful eye on elligibility in becoming a candidate or voting for a candidate.

    a) When dealing with any body outside of the North Pacific, who you gonna call? The MoEA that's who!
    b) When dealing with the diplomatic corp, the Minister of External Affairs is top dog next to the codified laws which guarantees their job.

    a) Once again, when dealing with anything military; the MoD is the person to look to.
    b) however when it comes to dealing with the security of the region and exciting new alliances, it's up to the MoD to work with the MoEA to consult the PM with the OPP (yeah you know me!)

    Now on to my industrious job! Which is basically, whenever a trial is going on I am the default prosecutor against anyone accused of commiting a crime. It's also my job to be the protector of the Constitution and Legal Code, yeah that's right, being so amazingly hot and funny is all me not the title.

    A) The job of the MoC is to inform and create discussion about regional going-ons, from the drunken exploits of Cabinet Ministers to zany new legislation to dangerous hat sizes.
    B) When dealing with government information, the MoC and the minister from the related section should work together to better display the message. Whatever the hell it might be!
    C) The minister is also responsible to public Cabinet going-ons unless given a whack with the shut-up stick by the Security Council, Court, Prime Minister, or MoD. Yeah that's right, our government has absolutely nothing to hide from you! (Says those in government with the shifty eyes.) However most of this is moot since the opening of sections in the Cabinet Hall.

    When dealing with fun either out of character or just plain crazy, the MoAE is the office responsible for that. Despite the grumblings of how this office secretly keeps together the fabric of reality and controls Cabinet and all recesses of power with an iron grip; they also know how to have fun!

    a) The job may call for educating on North Pacific culture, our values and history but painfully overlooks the lonely art of achiving. A real man's art.

    Those who have served one half of a term are still restricted from running again as defined later on in this section. (really it only sounds confusing, just keep reading!)

    You can serve two terms in a row but not three! Get the above part now?

    If you don't serve consecutively, you still can't serve more than two terms in a year.

    To detract the sneaky sneakies, you also aren't allowed to serve more than four terms in two years.

    Any deputy who fills in for an out-going minister, who serves more than a half term will be considered as a member who served a full-term in the view of Term Limits.

    Pretty self-explanatory, cabinet position means every elected official excluding judges and members of the Security Council and American Idol winners.


    To be eligible to run for office, you must be a citizen and qualify for everything needed to be a citizen as documented in Art 2.1 and be in the North Pacific excluding members of the army.

    Yoy also have to have been a member of this forum for more than a month before nomination time and if you've been away for more than three weeks, you have had to be active for more than one week to re-qualify.

    Can't hold two offices at the same time.

    Can't have served more than two terms consecutively, two terms in a year or four terms in a year.

    To be the Minister of Defense; you must be already in the North Pacific Army, be active in at least seven days before elections begin and have the majority vote of NPA members.

    If elected to higher office, you have to have a deputy within seven days of taking office (when the election results are certified.)

    If a Cabinet minister leaves before their term is complete, the deputy takes over until the next election time.

    When there's no deputy to fill in for a Cabinet vacancy, the Prime Minister will appoint someone to fill in before or until the Regional Assembly votes to accept him/her. Rinse and repeat until one is accepted by the RA.

    Being a deputy does not entitle you to being a Cabinet member or having a Cabinet vote unless the Minister allows the deputy to vote for him/her or has left the seat vacant allowing the deputy to take the boss' job.

    Not officially being a Cabinet member doesn't mean your responsibilities aren't that of a Cabinet member. So everything a Cabinet minister can't do, a deputy shouldn't do too!

    To be the deputy minister of defense, you follow the same eligibility rules as the MoD excluding needing the most votes in the NPA.

    The Regional Assembly is the only authority to adopt, amend or introduce new motions or proposals in our legal systems. While the court for those confused can only interpret or strike down laws in the legal code as being incongruent with the Constitution.

    The first among equals in the Assembly will be the Speaker who will be elected at designated non-judicial election times.

    The Speaker will referee all the verbal balls thrown at each other, while deciding which discussion is ready to move onto a vote and can't deny a popular bill from reaching a vote after twenty-one days.

    Eligibility and election restrictions set out for Cabinet also apply to the Speaker, excluding term limits.

    If there is a vacancy, the PM will sit in until another Speaker is elected. The replacement elections will start twenty-four hours after the vacancy is declared, with a two day nomination period, and followed by three day maximum voting period.

    Any rules or decorum set within the Regional Assembly shall be set by RA members and no others, as long as they don't conflict with the Constitution and Legal Code. That's right, no No Homers club. Also the voting period on adopting such rules can't be more than three days.

    In any event, the Constitution trumps everything else especially laws in the Legal Code. Any regulation not important enough or necessary enough to be in the Constitution will be in the Legal Code.

    Any citizen can introduce their bill to the Regional Assembly, those bills met with lukewarm or warmer reception with all the legalese in place can have it moved up by the Speaker.

    The Speaker has ultimate say on which proposals in the RA get moved on up, this is to weed out the serious ones from the not serious ones. Though I still stand by my Pauly Shore equals public harm law...

    Any proposal must be something to be included in the Constitution or Legal Code, or something to amend or take away from the Constitution and Legal Code. Anything else would be wasting everyone's time.

    The Speaker should take their job to accept or dismiss proposals seriously and can take the advice of Cabinet, the PM, or the Chief Justice on certain matters or simply use it as an excuse to throw another hot-tub party.

    The one who dealt it can smell it or revise and withdraw it. After twenty-one days of the proposal's introduction, if there's no movement it becomes a dead bill. More on what to do with those later on!

    a) Since the Speaker chooses what can be advanced in the RA, the proposals advanced can only be voted on in the RA.
    b) Voting periods last one week, support must be at least 60%, and the quorum is 6% of total members of the RA or twenty members, which ever is higher.
    c) It's up to the Speaker to declare when the voting period begins, to inform members of it, and at least one day but not more than seven after formal discussion has begun.

    In order to not have the only five members not on summer vacation decide the fate of us all, a quorum is needed to be filled on any votes by the RA as a whole. So it isn't necessary for Cabinet votes but needed to vote members of Cabinet into office, anywhere and anything the RA votes for.

    Once again quorum is 20 votes by RA members or 6% of the total members of the RA, whichever is higher. Since it would take over 350 members of the RA to bypass the twenty minimum, it'll probably stay twenty for a while. Though I hope differently!

    For a bill to pass onto the Legal Code, you need 60% but if you get under 60% and over 50%; the bill is revived for debate for another week and could get a re-vote. As long as it's not Liz Taylor plastic surgery revived.


    After the one week debate period, it will once again allowed to be voted upon in the RA. If it still gets under 60% it'll be declared dead, thrown out the car window, and ran over several times.

    Only the PM and Cabinet can block a zombie bill after the one month mourning period.
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    Article 4, Section 8

    The MoIIA can help out the Speaker in making sure everyone colours inside the lines around voting time in the Assembly.

    If a bill calls for extra responsibility but doesn't state who should do it, the Prime Minister is by default the one with the shortest straw.

    In any case of emergency in which the executives or Cabinet must make immediate and possibly illegal actions, it must undergo the review of the Security Council. However even with the approval of the SC, no one can trump the authority of the RA. Technically if the RA decides that it disagrees with the actions of both Cabinet and the SC, then they are Constitutionally required to stop.

    The SC can't have less than five members but no more than ten percent of all RA members. They are elected at the same time of Cabinet Ministers and the Speakers while not held to majority vote standards but my plurality. Example if there are seven seats are open then the top seven candidates, with the most votes gets the trophy (and the job, but we know what they're really after.)

    The quorum for the SC is three, the Speaker can vote in the event of a tie, and we don't care how explosive your diarrhea is! You have to vote on the issue within twenty-four hours or... you're off the island!

    a) The judiciary is anyone in the Court. The members of the judiciary are the Chief Justice and two Associate Judges. If you need to ask me what the court is known as, please take a gun, point it at your head, and press the trigger. Repeat as needed.
    b) Anything needing legal review excluding appeals can only be handled by ONE out of the three judges.

    c) Appeals shall be heard by all the judges on the bench.
    d) Like the RA, the Court decides their own rules on how things go down. Why they don't have the wigs that British Courts have is beyond me...

    The Chief is numero uno in contrast with the other judges.

    All judges serve six month terms and can't hold any other Cabinet office other than RA member and SC member.

    The Chief Justice terms are from August to February. Nominations begin one month before voting time and shall be chosen as candidates on the whim of the Prime Minister with the choice of listening or pretending to listen to the thoughts of Cabinet.

    The voting period to confirm any judges shall be for seven days and must garner 50%+1 of votes cast. Quorum counts too. If the candidate fails to be confirmed, the PM chooses another one and round and round we go until we can confirm one!

    a) any nation that feels another non-office holding nation has infringed on their Constitutional rights but are not a criminal offense, then it's called a Civil Proceeding.
    b) the court decides to rules and decorum and also if a jury is necessary.

    In criminal trials, civil trials, even elementary school class visits: the court shall decide the rules and decorum of what happens in the court.

    Five people randomly make up the jury.

    The jury shall recommend a punishment should the accused be found guilty, which the judge gets ultimate say. The sentence can be suspension of rights or straight out banning from participating in the North Pacific.

    The following is enough to boot any elected official:
    a) breaking the laws as said in the Constitution and Legal Code.
    b) Treating a fellow member like dirt which is close but not spot on to what is illegal.
    c) Taking arms against the North Pacific and NP interests without the consent of the proper jurisdiction. Ex- can't go to Canada, claim to be an ambassador and start up with the Eskimo jokes; trust me, those really hurt.
    d) Breaking your oath, any of them!

    If a trial is going on during election time, the original Attorney General, Prime Minister, and/or Judges who were originally involved stay on until the trial is over. If there is a vacancy, unnecessary delay in replacing them is a big no no.

    Any RA member can bringforth impeachment proceedings should the evidence they provide be enough to convince a Grand Jury.

    The five randomly selected non-officeholding RA members, will be chosen by the Chief Justice and will have four days to make a decision on whether or not to move forward. If the Chief is the one caught with the dead hooker in his/her car, then the Prime Minister will pick the Grand Jury.

    Everything that is said and presented will be recorded and provided to the public after the proceedings are over.

    The Grand Jury can move to proceed with the impeachment after a majority vote (which is three.) The trial will have all the same rules as a criminal trial, except the Prime Minister will take over if the Chief is the one in hot water. Should the defendant be impeached and doesn't know what impeachment means, they will be removed from power as the door can hit their ass. Being impeach does not spare the guilty from being banned from the region following a criminal trial on their actions. Torches and pitchforks will be provided to the public for free.

    a) any nation can ask the court to see if any action, law, rule or whatnot is a-ok with the Constitution.
    b) the Court can issue orders to redress situations, like at the end of Judge Judy but before the hallway bitching.
    c) In any proceeding, the PM, AG, and concerned parties will be notified by the Court.
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    To be expelled you must have:
    1) Violated NS rules.
    2) Violated the Constitution
    3) Violated the eligibility laws.
    4) Violated any other laws outside of the Constitution.
    5) Violated your public oath and duties.

    The Del can't eject a nation unless the RA approves it with all the usual referendum laws or have the approval of a guilty sentence from the Court.

    If the Court finds someone guilty, they can also call for a referendum on whether the guilty person is worthy of being banned.

    If the referendum passes, the nation has twenty-four hours to pack up their stuff or recieve it by mail.

    Spammers in both the forum or the region homepage can be banned without a vote if the Delegate, a member of the Regional Assembly, and the Prime Minister both agree however the banned person can have one last chance to spam through a legal review or appeal. Once again the appeal is a referendum vote with all the standard rules.
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    The Constitution is a living document and when the wind of values shift then the Constitution must change with it, as such the Constitution can only be amended through the Regional Assembly with all the prior rules brought up with it.

    To change the Constitution, it has to be:
    - approved by the RA with a two-thirds majority for it with twenty members or more casting a vote either way.
    - approved by Cabinet with a majority vote in a fifteen day time-limit.

    If a proposal fails, it'll be a dead bill with the same rules as stated in the RA section. If the Cabinet doesn't approve of the amendment then the proposal will be sent back to the RA, where they have no more than seven days but no more less than three to revote, change, or whatever it takes to satisfy both the RA and Cabinet.

    The person who came up with the amendment can decide whether to just let it die or to call a vote to override Cabinet rejection. The Speaker is required to hop to it, whatever the proposer decides.

    The second Cabinet vote is the last of it, if it is again reject then the proposal becomes a dead bill. The second Cabinet vote can't take any longer than seven days and it is the responsibility of Cabinet to publish their vote.

    f) In the case of a vote to override Cabinet rejection then the vote will be held in the RA (where else really?) with a three-fourth majority needed with standard quorum rules. If it fails then it too will become a dead bill.

    Now after such a long task, I think I might lay down a while. Maybe a month and then someone can revive me in the RA... oh damn I've been studying this thing for way too long!
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    Any questions can be made at my office or at the Customer Service Desk!