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    In such cases of scenario when you don’t understand a single thing, people who have experienced such confusion and/or are in the position to give advice need to give it. This comes in from time to time but to keep a long story short, this guide will be toning down the annoyance of questions piling into the administration’s inbox.

    For instance, you won’t have to read anything like “In such cases of scenarios where this shall happen, the administration and the moderation with the consent of the justices and the legislature and the Security Council with the vote of the Registered Voters shall we initiate-” and not know what it means. So, shut up, sit down, and read along as we uncover the mysteries that hath puzzled thy last years of confusion.

    TNP Law 1
    Oath of Office
    Basically, the oath office is being sworn into a government office. If you are not sworn in, you are not a valid government officer. Thus, you will be removed from office

    Congratulations to Clause 2 of Section 1 of TNP Law 1 for being the official understatement of Clause 1!

    Most use the copy and paste method without knowing what they are saying, including myself.

    And here comes Hersfold with the impeachment, followed by Flemingovia tailed by Grosseschnauzzer! Like I said, thou art impeached if thou art to violate thy oath of thy office!

    CONCLUSION: The real ones you need to know are Sec. 3 Cls. 1, Section 1 Clause 1, and Section 2.

    TNP LAW 2
    Official Flag
    Know the flag and get used to its symbol being at the top of the forumsite. You will be seeing it a lot.

    TNP LAW 3
    Election Dates
    Know the election dates and competitive candidates. Plan your destiny. Do you
    want people to think of you as external affairs or an administrative monkeyboy?

    TNP LAW 4
    Criminal Trial Procedures

    The clause title speaks for itself. If you do not understand the title, then I will explain. The duties of the Attorney General during a trial are that he/she will be the leading prosecutor, or guy who tries to prove the defendant wrong. If the Attorney General is charged with a crime, the Chief Justice will choose the prosecutor.

    The step-by-step sequence of hurrying and rushing throughout the post-trial is enacted by stating that you have 24 hours to get an attorney and sit down at the court. Also stating that the details of the accusation may not be discussed unless asked.

    A couple of random people are picked to be the local jury in the case. The Justices keep searching until they find a nation who has no plans that day. (Psst, saying you have to walk your dog works great! Also that you are prejudiced in every way possible or that you had sexual relations with the defendant and s/he was just

    Basically, your representatives do all the work while you sit there looking shocked and outraged. You can be shocked and outraged by the heinous and damning evidence presented by the prosecuter, the shocking sentences of the crime, or the injustice and slander against the person the defending justice has painted as better than Ghandi and Mother Teresa combined.

    The “no duh!” statement that the jury will decide who wins and who loses the case at hand.

    My conclusion: The stuff you need to know are all the clauses except the conclusion if you don’t want the understatement.

    TNP LAW 5
    Election Procedures

    The secondary office of the Prime Minister consists of being an election commissioner. The office is basically a “two-fer”. NOTE: You will be an election commissioner either way since you can only run two consecutive terms.

    A secondary office for the Minister of Immigration and Internal Affairs too. The same thing with Prime Minister.

    For example: The November Prime Minister, Poltsamaa, ran again in February so was not able be an election commissioner. The November Minister of Immigration and Internal Affairs, Deikura, ran for Minister of Arts & Entertainment in February so was not able to be an election commissioner. They apparently chose Erastide (Former English Colony), the November UN Delegate, to be the election commissioner.

    Don’t wait too late to say. You could be stuck with counting votes over and over again.

    This is for seeing if anybody is going to be voting twice.

    CONCLUSION: You basically need to know everything in this Section. Otherwise, you could be running for Prime Minister and not even know what you’re in for!

    Run if you can, but more importantly live long and prosper. Listen to this if you want to live through the political world. And if you do not understand, any Cabinet Office (Ministers) and the Prime Minister is open if you are eligible. Trust me, they'll answer almost anything!

    It really speaks for itself, but in case you don’t know, you can run for Regional Assembly Speaker if you are a member of the Regional Assembly. This also qualifies for Security Council.

    The requirements to be a UN (or Vice) Delegate: Be 3-month resident and/or at least 1-month forum user.

    Basically, make sure you state your campaign ahead of time.

    CONCLUSION: Run only if you’re eligible, plan ahead, and be a clean candidate.

    Election Week lasts (guess how long; come on guess) a week (we have a winner!!!). Results will be posted.

    CONCLUSION: The Election Commissioners shall post a voting topic and a week later close it and post the results.

    CONCLUSION: Runoff elections happen when second place people tie, a candidate has not the majority vote, or the lead positions tie. Then, a tiebreaker, or runoff election, takes place.

    How else will they campaign? Personal messages? Takes too long…

    Twice the nervousness for the Delegated campaigners.

    CONCLUSION: Follow the rules of conduct: be nice, no rough stuff. And post campaign centers in the right place of the forum.

    A good reason why UN Nations should join the forumsite, isn’t it? Just stating that the UN and Vice Delegates shall be elected and then endorsed.

    It's smart to un-endorse the current delegate so the past delegate can be removed from the Delegated position faster.

    Don’t double vote because it can get you banned. What is double voting? Voting with two or more nations. If this shall concern the United Nations, say goodbye to UN Membership!

    Say “NO” to invading the North Pacific! Drugs or pre-marital sex? It's up to you!

    Don’t ruin another candidate’s reputation. Or at least, don’t try.

    Breaking a clause or section in this law shall result in review by the Minister of Justice (or Attorney General) and can result in a possible ban from the region.

    TNP LAW 6
    Ministry of Culture and Education

    A reason why the Minister of Culture and Education is probably needed. The North Pacific Wire shall be the FOX News Network for the region.

    TNP LAW 7
    Ministry of Defense

    The Minister of Defense may change the standards of the North Pacific Army.

    The Minister of Defense may choose someone to look over the everyday deployment of troops or may choose this position to be the Minister of Defense.

    CONCLUSION: The Minister of Defense may change the ways of the NPA. Also, the Minister of Defense may look over the everyday deployment of troops or choose someone else to do this.

    Just saying that there will be and is an Auxiliary Branch.

    The branch will be the “cabinet” of the Minister of Defense under the consent of the NPA as well as the appointment of the MoD himself.

    The Auxiliary Branch may not violate any privacy rights of anybody.

    Auxiliary Members, as far as I know, do not have to be sworn in.

    The Minister holds the duty of updating and organizing the NPA member/Auxiliary list no less frequently than once a month. The Minister may demote or promote.

    Update on UN membership sent on the application to join the NPA shall be sent to the Minister of Immigration and Internal Affairs.

    To be an NPA member, one must first be a member of Regional Assembly.

    You must say the pledge of allegiance of the North Pacific Army.

    CONCLUSION: Membership of the North Pacific can be simple if you put it into smaller pieces.

    The NPA Allegiance of Truth, as I like to call it, is mandatory.

    Example: I, Mynation, hereby pledge that I understand the above and will honorably perform the duties required of me and uphold the laws established above for the NPA.

    CONLUSION: The North Pacific Army requires not much of you but in certain times it will require you. You must also accept their terms and pledge.

    TNP LAW 8
    Ministry of Immigration and Internal Affairs

    The Ministry of Immigration and Internal Affairs needs to give out the update on data on current Registered Voters. The Ministry must give this update on that exact date so it is exactly a monthly sequence.

    The Ministry must update a pending registration on voting every now and then (hopefully in a quick period of time).

    Officers assigned in the offices including diplomacy, intelligence, and military must report to the Minister of Immigration and Internal Affairs what update there is on UN Status and on quitters.

    CONCLUSION: The Ministry deals with Immigration more than Internal Affairs if you count out the update on status.

    A team of recruiters chosen by the Minister of Immigration and Internal Affairs have no right to post outside the North Pacific for it is their duty to get people inside the region to be forum members.

    Once again, using proxy servers to conceal your identity is unsafe and prohibited.

    Aliens coming in may not conceal with proxy servers or any other concealers. By the way; the three fingers, green skin, and large bulbous head completely gives you away.

    TNP LAW 9
    Ministry of External Affairs

    A monthly update of North Pacific Diplomats is required by the Minister of External Affairs to post.

    CONCLUSION: There is a diplomatic corps and the Minister must post an update on them and they must be RVs (Registered Voters).

    The Minister needs a document posted to him of a region’s application in diplomacy.

    An update by the minister is required.

    The Minister can close the embasy of any reason if it is requested to be closed by home region, the region is deleted, the region breaks the rules of the ED, the RA chooses to close the embassy, there is nothing to prove that such an agreement for an embassy exists, and finally if they are known supporters of clowns.

    The required document states that you pledge to not flame, spam, threat, or any other serious IF crime.

    A consulate has the right to upgrade if the regions have a good relationship.

    No alliance, treaty, and/or agreement is required for any interest section. Just an open embassy.

    The Minister or Prime Minister may withdraw from treaties unilaterally.

    Military diplomatic issues must be first given to and accepted by Minister of Defense and then the Prime Minister to the Speaker.

    The Security Council may review the Minister’s choice.

    The Speaker is given the document for the Regional Assembly.

    Any diplomatic military issue must be posted by an ambassador in the right embassy.

    The Security Council may review to approve any issue with no relation to deployments as well as add deployments.

    The Speaker, after hearing from the Minister or Prime Minister and a majority vote in the Regional Assembly, may cancel any deal.

    CONCLUSION: The Minister, Security Council, Prime Minister, and Speaker all participate in foreign policies.

    The Cabinet may resolve in negotiation to political issues.

    Becoming any part of the North Pacific requires a treaty.

    Treaties may not say that regions may be active in political relations of the North Pacific.

    Others, however, are not prohibited.

    Equal citizenship among the “democratic empire” is not prohibited.

    CONCLUSION: Political relations are touchy in some areas put can be put to work.

    Multi-Regional Organizations are treated somewhat like sharing an embassy.
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    TNP LAW 10
    Amendments to Election Procedures

    TNP LAW 11
    Change the Official Regional Forum

    Changing the forum requires consent of the government.

    Hein Hersfold! Administrator of Deutschland!

    An understatement of Section 1, basically.

    CONCLUSION: Hersfold, the administrator, may not change the forum without government consent.

    TNP LAW 12
    Amendments to Ministry of External Affairs

    19 January 2006

    Nothing needed to be read.

    Once again, many thanks to my ever loyal and hardworking and constantly spamming deputy Apollo Industria. Let's have a round of applause! :clap: :clap:

    If any of you have any further questions, feel free to write down in a note and throw it in the direction of AP!

    Copyrighted to the much feared god Hersfold for coming up with such an amazing concept!
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    TNP LAW 13
    Establishment of time limitations for the filing of judicial proceedings in The Court of The North Pacific

    After some period of time you can lose the right to a "legal claim".

    Accrual= the fancy word for "the start of the period of the claim".

    The head honcho has to scan over it for connections and stuff.

    Section 2. General Time Limitation of Actions

    Any file following Article V of Section 5 of the Constitution, or that seeks a punishment or inclusion concluding of pain to a member nation of TNP, or any other nation, or of the region in general, shall enact within sixty days after the right to file an action is allowed.

    You heard him Justice people! Start looking for something that happened a year ago or less!

    Incredibly similar to Section 4 of this law.

    "I Want to Impeach Nastic from UN Delegate Office!" Can't. Not gonna happen. Too late, dude. It's '06.

    Bring candy for everyone for the opening day of TNP Law 13 at your local forum shop!

    and once again, thank Apollo-Industria for some good work!!