Treaties and Agreements of The North Pacific

The Lion Star Pact

Asserting the common beliefs of the peoples of the RLA and The North Pacific that all regions should be free from malevolent outside forces, this treaty establishes an agreement between the signatories.

1. In the event of an attack by outside forces, each side may consider acting in defence of or in liberation of the regions that are party to this treaty and will make a sincere effort to do so. Each side must follow the legislative procedures set down by their laws prior to military interventions against any force. This shall include only the member-regions of the RLA and The North Pacific.

2. The Regional Assembly of The North Pacific, the Security Council of the North Pacific and the Cabinet of the North Pacific shall be considered by the RLA to have such authority as to order an intervention in TNP territory in the event of an attack on The North Pacific regardless of whether those forces claim nativity.

3. Interventions in RLA regions are implicitly authorised upon any defender or defender organisation spotting an attack by raiders/invaders.

4. The Red Liberty Alliance and The North Pacific fully condemn the actions of raiders / invaders regardless of what name or banner they go under and each signatory promises to consider helping the other in liberations and defences that occur at update each morning. Neither will be under any obligation to do so.

5. To that end, the RLA and TNP agree to keep each other appraised of changes in the officers of their respective military forces in that such changes are relevent to cooperation.

6. Both the RLA and TNP military heirarchies agree to make a good faith effort to share intelligence that is relevent to ther other party; the relevant government officials shall have authority to veto such sharing, should they consider it to be a danger to regional security.

7. One hundred and eighty days from the date of the last signature appended to this treaty, the RLA and The North Pacific agree to send representatives to a mutually agreed upon spot wherein the status of the military cooperation pact shall be reviewed. Changes, reductions or expansions of the pact may be discussed at this meeting.

Signed on behalf of The North Pacific

Signed on behalf of the Red Liberty Alliance

editorual note: The original Lion Star Military Cooperation Pact WASapproved by referendum of the registered voters of The North Pacific, 14 - 23 October 2005. This revised Lion Star Pact was adopted by referendum of the Regional Assembly 21 to 26 March 2006.[/i]

Military Guidelines for consideration between The North Pacific Governemnt and The Alliance Defense Network

The North Pacific and the Alliance Defense Network, as two sovereign powers, mutually pledge to aid each other both militarily and in terms of intelligence in the event of an outside threat against their regions or interests. All aid is directly dependant on the decisions of the governing bodies of both parties. If a possible conflict of interest occurs either party may decline any request for aid. Neither party will have any special privileges in regards to forum and Government. Forum access will remain at the discretion of the leaders of both parties. Both parties shall endeavor to fulfill their friendships in the good spirit in which it was made.

editorual note: approved by referendum of the registered voters of The North Pacific, 14 - 23 October 2005.