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    [SC - FAILED] Condemn Northern Borland

    Against. None of the stats we apparently should be condemning are even top 1.
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    Military Sign Up!

    @Alleycat Accepted
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    Training Operations

    Apologies for the lateness, this operation actually took place on the major update of October 16. It was led by myself and 4 regions were hit. Regions: Rhodesia Lead and Zinc Alliance Democratic Imperialists Free Nations Participants: GEN Bobberino COL Gorundu (Trigger) COL Rom (Point) CPT...
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    The Public Gallery - TNP v New Francois

    Recruitment is subject to summary ejection/ban.
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    Military Sign Up!

    @Alleycat Can you repost your application with the correct oath from the first post of this thread please?
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    [SC - PASSED] Commend Kuriko

    I agree with this pretty much. One of the reasons Kuriko's commendation was repealed was so that we could wait a bit longer to see what Kuriko would do in the future, so we can have a more robust commendation that is materially different from the last one. That time hasn't come yet. So I'm Against.
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    Delegate Question Time

    @TlomzKrano Bumping the above two questions, which largely still apply, except that endotarting now appears to occur twice a week and the number of WA nations not endorsed stands at 46 as of last Major.
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    <3 Oh my GOD, it's Durk's memoirs!!! <3

    So, who's FaP?
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    Oaths of Office

    I, Gorundu, do hereby solemnly swear that during my term as Deputy Minister of Communications, I will uphold the ideals of Democracy, Freedom, and Justice of The Region of The North Pacific. I will use the powers and rights granted to me through The North Pacific Constitution and Legal Code in a...
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    the party for the limitation of powers of the gov and job protection (reformist party)

    if you want the government and the delegate to explain things, why are you planning to run for delegate when you can't even explain your own campaign?
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    the party for the limitation of powers of the gov and job protection (reformist party)

    @Pigeonstan If you think we have the worst RP, why don't you leave for somewhere with better RP? I can guarantee that no one here will miss you.
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    Applications for the Executive Staff

    Nation in The North Pacific: Gorundu Ministry you are interested in joining: Home Affairs (Optional) Previous experience in this area of government: Former HA staffer, forum mentor for a little while
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    Mafia: Round 2 Signups

    Count me in
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    The Happy Thread

    i'm sad
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    The North Pacific v New Francois

    Your Honour, The Prosecution and the Defence Counsel have agreed to submit a joint sentencing recommendation to the Court, consequent to the plea of guilty entered by the defendant. As the Prosecution, we present the sentencing recommendation as follows: New Francois has pleaded guilty to one...