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    Forum Mentors: Mentoring Program Thread

    Did mine late, but still done.
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    [Closed] Voting: January 2018 General Election

    Delegate: Mall Would you like to reopen nominations? No Vice Delegate: Siwale Would you like to reopen nominations? No Speaker: Darcania Would you like to reopen nominations? No Attorney General: Goyanes Would you like to reopen nominations? No
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    Has my vote. Hail TNP!
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    Old Citizenship Applications

    I, the leader of The North Pacific nation of Lands of Anarchy, pledge loyalty to The North Pacific, obedience to her laws, and responsible action as a member of her society. I pledge to only register one nation to vote in The North Pacific. I pledge that no nation under my control will wage war...
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    Motion to Declare an Emergency Situation

    Truly incredible that our Delegate, tasked with controlling the delegacy, is unable to see the threat at hand. One minute, the grinches are ruining Christmas to demoralize our nations, and then the next, they will establish a new world order.
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    Motion to Declare an Emergency Situation

    I find the fact that TNP has been taken over by an external force (a bunch of grinches) to be highly disturbing, and I agree that this calls for an emergency.
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    [Draft] Repeal: Condemn The Black Hawks

    I'm also against on principle. Also: I hate this line, because this logic opens the door for people simply claiming that they want to be condemned, in order to avoid condemnation (I do realize that many people use this logic, and I oppose it every time it's brought up.)
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    Admin Requests

    Can't find another place to put it, but requesting deletion of this account.
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    The Speaker's Desk

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    The Union of Democratic States Embassy Request

    Then you go ask for it in the proper pinned thread in The Docks
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    Staff Registry

    Forum Name: Mystery Player Position of Preference: Staff Writer Level of Availability: Decently busy due to school, but still have time usually on weekdays, and available on weekends. Discord Name: Mysterious Player#7785
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    Roll Call

    I am active! Position: < Executive Staffer | Forum Mentor >
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    Culture roll call

    Here, no graphics ability though.
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    Sept. 2017 MoWAA Roll Call