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    Hey Guys!

    Wow, it's been over a year since I was on this forum, and probably as long since I last logged into NS. Must say this forum looks pretty sexy, well done. I got addicted to eRepublik a while back, went off it for months, and then in the last couple of months have gotten back into it. It's shit...
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    What IF?

    I don't think the OP actually expects it to happen. It's more of a hypothetical thing. It could be interesting. MDH
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    Article I'm running a lottery. 0.5 Gold per ticket. 1 in 20 chance of winning. The details are below if you are interested. I'd like you guys to get involved with this as much as possible, to show that it's legit etc. MDH
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    World Ranking top 200

    Missing Dog Head is ranked 22nd in the region and 1,762nd in the world for Largest Defense Forces (per capita). MDH
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    Forward, TNP!

    It's up to Ator, it's his licence that he paid for (I assume), so it's really up to him if he wants to donate it. MDH
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    Forward, TNP!

    There's 11 Gold in the party account right now. Also, I believe IPBFree is better than IF. Also, the url's are much shorter. MDH
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    Forward, TNP!

    I definitely think we need to get our name out there and take a stance on something. This looks as good as anything. MDH
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    Election Voting Thread

    Delegate - Abstain Vice Delegate - Ator People Speaker - Grosseschnauzer Council of Legal Oversight (3 seats) - Mr.Gaunt, Tresville, Winter Vacationers Chief Justice - Haor Chall ______ MDH
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    Forward, TNP!

    Joined. MDH
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    I can't vote?

    How did that happen? I was RA before... MDH
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    I can't vote?

    Why don't I have permission to vote in the voting forum? MDH
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    Oh? I thought it would be original. It's just something I find quite interesting. Societies that are ruled by Gods always seem more bound together, and they always seem to look more impressive from the outside. That said, I am areligious, so if this doesn't get passed I'm not fussed. MDH
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    Fair enough. MDH
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    Now, first of all I'd like to state that I'm not suggesting we go all out religious here, but what would you guys say to having some kind of God Emperor as part of our party. It could be an actual member of the party, or a fictional person or whatever. I think that maybe it could sound kind of...
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    Ator Marketplace - Food!

    Yeh I've been getting a new job every day because I get fired about five minutes after I apply. Huh huh huh. MDH