Hello The North Pacific!

Hi Friends!

Thank you for letting us open this embassy on your forum and allowing us to officially establish relations with The North Pacific.

I will regularly keep this forum updated on the regional happenings in TRTHNBB and share our latest version of our Regional Newspaper (The Social Reformer) here too. Our latest edition (13th) was published on the 1st of April (April fools edition btw... first two articles are fake news lol) If you are interested, check it out here https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=2014506

As part of TRTHNBB's developing regional Cultural Affairs we also hold monthly games nights which any Citizens from The North Pacific would be welcome to attend!

April Games Night; Our next Games Night is next week on Saturday 13th April. If you wish to take part let me know or head over to our Discord. Our usual games consist of Skribbl.io, Gartic Phone, Territorial.io, Chess Variants, other discord games! Once games are confirmed I shall let you know!

Bankless Forest Chess Arena on Saturday 27th April we are co-hosting our first standalone inter-regional blitz chess competition with the Forest! Aiming to bring together chess players across NationStates to participate - any Citizens from TNP would be very welcome

Very nice to meet you all, and I hope to make many new friends and work closely with y’all into the future!

Kind regards
New United Common-lands
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Hello TNP!

Happy May to you all, I am excited to bring you a Foreign Affairs update from your favourite Bankless region. We are current in the midst of Election season, with 10 candidates vying for the 3 elected regional positions, read more in our Special Fourteenth Edition of The Social Reformer. On the Cultural Affairs front, last weekend we held an Interregional Chess Arena with Forest which had over 20 participating nations, from 10 different NS regions, check out the Award Ceremony with the best nations, and regions winning awesome trophies. Lastly, if your interested we shall be hosting a Games Night on our discord server next Saturday May 11th!

All the best

New United Common-lands,
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**TRTHNBB May Elections Concluded**


Election season has concluded in The Region That Has No Big Banks, seeing record political participation in the region, with 47 valid votes. Mjau has been elected as our new Prime Minister, they have confirmed our new regional cabinet, who will make up the 6th New Administration of TRTHNBB! See full cabinet here.

On a side note, I am very happy to have been re-appointed as our Minister of Foreign Affairs and I look forward to working with y'all for the next 4 months!

Kind regards
New United Common-lands
Thanks for the update, and congrats on your reappointment!
The Social Reformer, Fifteenth Edition Released - June 1st, 2024
The News You Would Rid Your Big Banks For

Hey friends, Happy June and pride month!

The start of a new month means a new edition of our Regional Newspaper, The Social Reformer! With our new Minister of Comms, Syrasia, doing an excellent job to give TSR a slight makeover and making it look sleek as ever.

The Social Reformer 15th Edition

In this edition, we have a State of the Region address from our new PM Mjau, an election retrospect from our Election Commission Member America the Greater, a piece from Krayo29 and Puttt on the International Day for awareness on discrimination against the LGBTQI+ community, a retrospective from America The Greater and Western Arba Fir on their experience of our latest regional court case and lastly Syrasia created a crossword for you to complete!

An upvote would be highly appreciated, if you enjoyed!

Kind regards
New United Common-lands