[DRAFT] Employment For Ethnic Citizens


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The World Assembly,

Noting that the workforce and jobs are essential for the nation(s) in terms of economy, technology, funds, etc.,

Acknowledging the indisputable fact that discrimination among the citizens of member state(s) has maintained a strong influence on society,

Aware of the circumstances and demands of the people who are discriminated in participating in the workforce due to prejudice on the basis of race, ethnicity, class, sex, gender, language, culture, etc.,

Alarmed that applicants who have voiced discontent regarding the current state of affairs have faced threats to life and limb, institutional barriers and punishment which are often cruel and unusual,

Acknowledging with upmost displeasure that the judicial system of the member state(s) has failed or is incapable of provide a solution regarding the discrimination against applicants and discriminator,

Definitions :
  1. Discrimination is the act of granting inferior treatment towards a group of individuals based on an arbitrary or prejudicial distinction.
  2. Ethnicity is a group or sub-group of people who share a common cultural background or descent.
  3. Applicants are people who are looking for jobs or applying for jobs.
  4. Bigotry is defined as an obstinate or intolerant devotion to one's own opinions and prejudices.
  5. Member States define the member nations under the World Assembly.

Hereby, it enacts as follows:

1. Urges all member states to dismantle the imposed barriers that is designed to unfairly favor one group or ethnicity;

  • This act includes awareness programs against discrimination, campaigns for the applicant(s), etc.
  • This act implores the employers to permit the applicants to work without unnecessary hindrance to their participation in labor due to their group or gender.
  • As the WA respects the rights of the people, this article protects the citizens of the member state(s) of the right to choose which job they should participate in.
  • With the support of Article 1c., member states are restricted from conducting forced labor onto their citizens.
  • This article is referring to various workplaces, such as educational institutions, medical, civil services, emergency services, business, military, etc.

2. Request member states to encourage the citizen(s) and residents to apply for jobs for their income, benefits, and contribution to the nation.
  • Retired people, disabled etc. and those who don't have interest in any jobs are excluded from the above.
  • Article 1d is also applicable to this article.

3. Calls upon member states to establish and enforce equal opportunity laws and regulations to ensure that all job applicants are evaluated solely on their qualifications, skills, and abilities, without any consideration of their ethnicity, class, groups, tribes, or any other discriminatory factors.

4. Prohibits the citizens of the member state(s) to discriminate in all forms in the workplace.
  • This may include hiring and remuneration to promotions, training opportunities, terminations.
  • Violating the article may be penalized on the citizens and may be provided lenient punishment(s).
  • In Article 4b., Lenient Punishment includes termination from employment, workplace, in the violation of Article 1b. by any employer(s).
5. Strongly recommends the member state(s) to empower individual(s) to report against the people on the case of violating and insulting the ethnicity or gender and participate in investigations from retaliation.
  • Article 5 will be in the effect only if the people commit discrimination in a strong, brutal, force and criminal way.
6. Urges member state(s) to pay salaries to the employees of the employer(s) for their work performance in equal amount.
  • The refusing to pay salaries or paying in low amount than usual to the employees must not contain the reason of their ethnicity or gender.
7. Reminds the member state(s) to provide special and great care to the applicants who are disabled and [or] aged but having an interest to work for their needs.
  • Article 1d., 5a is included for the support.

Author : @Queroquestan of The North Pacific
(Possible) Co-Author : Iona Island of The Amaranthine Isles
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It might be useful if you draft it further in the gameside. The quorum part is not complicated if you are properly drafted gameside.