Fire on the Horizon [Open]

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    Tobias switched into Mercanti himself, noticing Jadzia's preference for it despite her relative weakness with it. He was better at it than she was, even if his accent was still noticeable.
    "No, I haven't" he said with a soft smile.
    "We have something sort of like it in Prydania though. Medisterpylsur, it's called. It's not breaded, but it's more spicy" he added as his gaze darted over to the shraumlaekt, now intrigued.
    "But I have to say, Vestrugatten cuisine is very good. If their sausage is like their cheese, then it'll be hard to keep away."

    He suddenly noticed Artois, who had been quiet since he's approached Jadzia. He blushed a bit, but managed a smile. Two years in and the trappings of Kingship still felt odd. He'd grown up in far more egalitarian surroundings. A necessity of war. Something he suspected Jadzia would have experience with as well. He did wish to get to know his Arrandali cousin more, but he also tried to deal with the fact that others would regard him as a monarch above their station. Even if he did not always feel that way, or even when it just slipped his mind. Colart, God bless that man. He suffered none of it, but not everyone was like that.

    "Mr. Artois" he added pleasantly.
    "I'm terribly sorry. I hope you're enjoying the Vestrugatten sun and food as much as Jadzia is? I'm afraid I'm still not too used to it."
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    TNP Nation:
    Peter Artois, who had lagged behind Jadzia, was surprised when the Prydanian King had addressed him. But he hid his surprise and bowed deeply.

    “Your majesty,” he said. “I find the Vestrugat to be very hospitable. Though I’m not as much a fan of this southern sun. Give me the foggy hills of Arrandal instead.”

    Jadzia laughed at her chamberlain’s answer. “Forgive him, he’s just a grumpy Callisean.”

    Artois snorted in mock disgust. “My father was Callisean. I was born in Arrandal and so I am Arrandalian.”

    Jadzia turned back to Toby and offered him a light hearted apology. “Peter’s father was a close advisor to my father. He’s a loyal man. Just too truthful sometimes.” But she meant nothing mean by it, for her chamberlain had proven himself. No ruler could ask for a better man on their side.

    Peter then leaned in and whispered into her ear. “Your Mercanti is better then you thought.”

    She then looked at her feet, a little embarrassed. “Ah, but where is my head,” she said, returning her attention once again to Toby. “When are you and Alycia getting married?” Of course Peter moaned at this question, but Jadzia beamed innocently at her cousin.
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    Tobias chuckled with a bit of blush in his cheeks but not much.
    "In December. It'll be beautiful with the snow, I think. Don't tell her, but I hunted a wolf in Essalanea to make into a pelt for the occasion" he said with a smile.
    "And we're both looking forward to seeing you there" he added, before taking another sip of his wine.

    A sunny day this bright was rare in Prydania and it had him feeling particularly relaxed. And he didn't often have the chance to talk to Jadzia. He thought back to when he was sixteen. God he was a mess...but thankfully he hadn't been put in charge of a country at that age. And yet Jadzia had managed to serve her people well. She was stronger than he was in a lot of ways, and it was inspiring. And he also felt a bit worried. He'd be protective if he had a means to project power that far south.

    "The entire Crownlands are still recovering. In a lot of ways? The Vestrugat is an inspiration. For overcoming discord. I hope things are well in Arrandal? I trust that recovery isn't dragging too much? If it is we can see about Bergum Pact assistance. It's time it stopped being a military only-alliance. We should all look out for each other. In other ways too. Regardless, you should visit Alycia and I in Norsia soon. We're planning something special" he said with a wink, hinting at Prydania and Norsia's join space flight plans without saying anything to betray them.
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    TNP Nation:
    It was tradition for the Syrixian Emperor to formally arrive in foreign countries through an elaborate ceremony. This was, after all, a rare occurrence, as foreign visits were traditionally seen as beneath an emperor's dignity. Rajesh was not his father nor any of his forefathers. He entered the Vestrugat the same way everyone else did, nor did he enter alone- with him was Secretary Rahul Khanna. Secretary Khanna would be doing most of the talking, unless the Emperor was prompted to do so. His goal today was to observe; though he wanted to talk to Sherwin if he could.

    Vestrugatic cuisine had always interested the Emperor, who would often have his chefs prepare Shraumlaekt whenever he wanted a quick snack; though he preferred to dip his in yogurt rather than mustard. It didn't appear that there was any yogurt on the table, and he never much liked mustard, so he had his bare, before sitting down at his table to eat and peruse the program of events. Secretary Khanna, meanwhile, strode over to where everyone else was talking, with the knowledge that the Emperor would be joining him momentarily and where necessary.