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    Military Sign Up!

    Nation in The North Pacific: New Dilli Current World Assembly nation: New Dilli Previous NationStates military experience, if any:none Other NationStates military or non-military organizations you are involved in, if any:none I, nation name here, request to join The North Pacific Armed Forces...
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    Applications for the Executive Staff

    Nation in The North Pacific:New Dilli Ministry you are interested in joining:Ministry of communications (Optional) Previous experience in this area of government:Have been prime minister, minister of home affairs, minister of forgein affairs, WA delegate of bharat.
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    Citizenship Applications

    Nation: new dilli I pledge loyalty to The North Pacific, obedience to her laws, and responsible action as a member of her society. I pledge to only register one nation to vote in The North Pacific. I pledge that no nation under my control will wage war against the North Pacific. I understand...