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    The Northern Truth

    Despite no longer even being a citizen, underground sources will tell you that I still run The North Pacific and will always have a cult-like following. It’s simple facts, really. You can’t deny. This news source emphasizes telling us the truth? Write a story covering that! You won’t…
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    Results: November 2021 Judicial Election

    This is all I’ve ever wanted
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    Voting: November 2021 Judicial Election

    Court Justice: 1. < Pallaith > 2. < Lord Lore > 3. < Siwale > 4. < Lord Dominator > 5. < Comfed > Would you like to reopen nominations? < No >
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    LD For Justice: For All Time. Always.

    If you weren’t interested in being a Justice, how would you make your living? Would you steal from the natives and give to the raiders? Is it like if Robinhood studied to be a Juris?
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    Comfed for Justice

    How can we improve the culture of the Court? Does the Court have a good culture? If elected, will you be a Justice doing it for the culture? What aspects of the culture do you like and dislike? Why do you like and dislike the aforementioned aspects of the culture?
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    Lord Lore, Here We Go Again! #Justice_Life

    Lore is pretty cool. Don’t you agree? Lord Lore is pretty cool, I can attest to that
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    Pallaith for Justice: Third Time's the Charm

    Omg yes I will vote for you thank you
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    Siwale for Justice

    There’s been a Siwale sighting! Exciting!
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    Nubt II For Justice: Conservation

    Bro, why would we elect you? You’re literally so incompetent that you didn’t realize that publishing a news article like the one you did would constitute espionage. You want to be one of the people responsible for interpreting and applying the law while being indicted yourself? Hard pass.
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    Candidacy Declarations: November 2021 Judicial Election

    Thank you both for your nominations. However, I just decline
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    Voting: October 2021 Special Speaker Election

    Speaker: < bootsie > Would you like to reopen nominations? < Yes >
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    Candidacy Declarations: October 2021 Special Speaker Election

    I appreciate the thought, however I must decline.
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    Applications for the Executive Staff

    I hereby resign from the Executive Staff. Thank you, ~ Robes
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    Resignation as an Advisor to the Delegate

    Mr. Delegate, It has been both an honour and a privilege to serve as an advisor to you during the first month of this term. I appreciate the opportunity that you have given me to add some continuity from this administration to the last and I am thankful for your understanding at this time...
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    [SC - PASSED] Condemn Dalimbar